Balanced base

Hi all. I want to make a balanced base in order to mix it later on with nicotine and flavor. I will buy pure VG and PG 1lt bottles from drug store. Since PG thins out VG, is it ok to just mix equal amounts of the two without adding WFI? Is it going to be as closer as it gets to factory made balanced e-liquids?

Sure, most people that add distilled water to their base do so because they don’t use PG because they have a PG intolerance and need something else to thin the VG with.
You won’t have a 50/50 base anymore after adding your flavours though because they are usually PG based, so you have to keep in mind what ratio you want in your end product and adjust accordingly.


If you have been vaping commercial liquid it’s more than likely a VG70/PG30 though… if you start out going 50/50 you may not like your liquid. What have you been vaping?

I 've been vaping for about a year and started mixing my own liquid from the very beginning. Back then, i was using balanced bases since my throat has not good tolerance on high PG. For the last months i 've been using, due to regulations separated bases but i made 2 lt of an almost balanced one with VG/PG AND WFI…which turned to be quite thin for my taste…

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Here comes a second question (maybe a silly one) : how do we equally mix pg and vg using a syringe in cubic ml measurement , since 1kg pg = 1000 ml and 1kg vg= 850ml ??

If you’re measuring by volume then the specific gravity of each is irrelevant. Just measuring the same amount of each will get you what you want.