Ban this idiot from this site

There’s this idiot, keeps browsing through all the recipes, gets all excited, comes into a little disposable cash, starts insta-blowing it all on concentrates. 1 day. Five vendors. Eye-rolling postman. Oh well. At least I get to try Funfetti, Rhodonite, Bronuts.
I partially blame Wayne for my future cashflow problems.
What should I start with?


Huh? Can you give an example?

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what , are you talking about your self ??? im very confused with the title and the post sorry

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Yes, he is talking about himself…


Start here:


Ok (filler filler)

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Neil We’ve all done that !
in fact people in EVERY hobby have done all that.
The Link Ozo linked to is a bloody godsend though …
would have saved me a fortune in concentrates that
I only use for one recipe, if it’s disposable cash though
splash it any way you want, just ENJOY !!!


Just an FYI…
This DIY thing for e-juice may well begin as a hobby, or to save money [the latter is what you plead to the spouse]
But BEWARE…as innocent as it starts off in sweet little lambs’ wool…soon becomes a wolf with gnashing of teeth, ready and willing to devour your wallet, your time, the kitchen table and/or countertop, unless you are fortunate to have a designated area. This is not a sexist thing, it goes for females as well as males.
You are surely free to lie about it being a ‘hobby’, to yourself, or even your Pastor, but GOD knows your heart.

By all means, and remember the Ozo zoo…splish-splash-I was taking a bath…the many constant open mouths around here will always open their hearts [and fangs, claws, beaks, talons, etc.] to any [disposable cash] for their favorite groceries. [Daddy has borrowed from the ‘meal ticket’ on an occasion, or two, to fund his hobby temporarily]


Oh Boy, don’t I know it !
I have spent thousands , TENS of thousands of pounds on
Magic, bodypaint, computers, guitars, vape stuff, airbrushes, paint brushes, latec, silicone, candle making stuff, motorcycles & bike gear, Birds, Bird cages, bird food, woodworking stuff …
I once had a friend tell me that I only have one REAL hobby I’ll never give up … collecting hobbies !


Amen Kalahari
Since I retired years ago, I have spent money I didn’t even have…


Great post mate. Damn, I love birds, that’s a great vid. I’m so badly gripped by this hobby, such a great vehicle for communal taste and experimentation in its own right. Things got bad for me when I got 6 FA bottles in the post, we’re all a cross now between Gordon Ramsay and Walter White :wink: Damn, 250 bux in the last 2 days, what happened lol


I’ve heard our hobby referred to around here as a trip “down the rabbit hole”… It’s true!!


best hobby to have! Great for the soul too. I’m mad into RC, planes and drones. Seems designed just to suck in the cash. Buy it, build it, crash it.


very useful thanks!


Yup, you should be banned for making me jealous of all the flavours you just got in the mail :stuck_out_tongue:

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In the early 80’s, we flew the Gold Wings [not the Honda bikes] on/around my ranch.
We were the camera, the visuals,…live.
Always kept a mowed strip in one of the hay fields…like a ‘greens’ on a golf course.
No RC, hand and foot controls, eh?


Ive found my advs so that’s what I’m buying now, I’ll experiment with the remaining flavours but I won’t buy anymore flavours unless I’m flush, it’s costing me more than I intended.

On a side note:
ENYAWREKLAW’s concentrates seem to be spot on so I might drop some money that way and test them all, I have Pistachio RY4-U not long left on the steep then I’ll write a little review.

Imagine an ELR shop selling the best tried and tested recipes as concentrates… Maybe in the future… Maybe…

Happy vaping!

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I thought he was talking about himself…at least he has wayne to blame.
I can alays blame it on the dog LOL


This site would be empty if we started banning idiots, but you can have the title for today because you’re a noob :stuck_out_tongue: