Base pg vg guidence please

Hi all

A bit if a little dilemma here need some pro advice pretty please

So i got myself some pg/vg base already mixed up at a 30pg / 70 vg ratio thinking it would make my life alot easier

My problem is That base is 30/70 but by the time i add my nic and flavors its messed the ratios up ???
My maths is crap to say the least but i understand that pg nic and pg concentrates are going to end up making this more like 39/61 :frowning:

I have some additional vg and pg bottles that i can add in but for the life in me can not figure it out at all please can anyone give me some guidence. I wont be buying a pg vg base again lol

My overall plan was to mix up a big base of pg/vg 30/70 and 3% nic at 500ml then i can draw from this to make smaller bottles with concentrate in

Thanks in advance

I suppose you could just add 10% of VG to your PG/VG mix to get it to 20/80, then after adding your flavours and nicotine you will be around 30/70 again.
Take out 50 ml of your 500 ml PG/VG and add 50 ml of VG to it, that will up your VG with 10%. I wouldn’t add the nicotine to that base if I were you because after adding the flavours you will not be at 3% anymore. I suggest you make your 500 ml base and add the nicotine to the little bottles at the same time you add the flavours.

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The math is actually pretty easy. When you create a recipe the calculator will tell you how much pg/vg to add. This of course is also dependent upon you entering your nicotine base and how much of that is PG and VG.

So, look at this recipe which is for 30/70 PG//VG

Since the recipe is compete, you’ll see that the amount of PG and VG to be added (dilutants) are shown in ml, Drops and %. Let’s just worry about ml.

With 30/70 pg/vg blend, that means for every 1 ml of pg there will be 2.33 ml of vg

Since there is 5.98 ml of PG called for, then take 5.98 x 2.33 = 13.93. That tells you that when you add the amount of your 30/70 blend to get the needed 5.98 you will have also added 13.93 ml of vg. So 5.98 + 13.93 = 19.91 total of the 30/70 mix. You add that. But you’ll see that it called for a total of 20.62 ml of vg. So 20.62 - 19.91 means you only need to add .71ml to make it exactly 30/70 for the total recipe. In this situation you might think why bother, if it’s that close I’ll be fine. But the recipe I just used as an example was @Shaner Chewy Spicy Sugar Cookie and it is over 8% flavoring, which is counted as PG. So the amount of VG added may be small here, but will fluctuate depending on how much flavoring is used.

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Wow thanks for the replies i apreciate it a lot :smiley:

Will give it a try