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Basic tobacco recipe help


My sister would like me to try and make her a tobacco recipe with no flavours she doesn’t like flavours she is vaping a USA blend that she has been purchasing from vape Philla in balaclava Melbourne never heard of this store before it’s new to me but if anyone could help me find a simple USA tobacco recipe?

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As I’ve only just started to get into DIY I’ve got no idea but I’m happy to try anything to help my sister if I can I’ve made no promises to her as I’m so new to this and still learning many things

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Search function works very well.




Maybe you could go the easy route and give this flavour a try.



What kind of tobacco recipe would you think she may like. Could have her read:



I avoided tobacco like a boss lol. Always thought just as many others that this flavor would be horrible.

Today I tried a local juice, they named it honey tobacco, I actually liked it. So now I’m going to look for some tobacco, even tho I know his recipe, I worry that without the high amount of sweetener this wouldn’t taste right, also I think it could be better quality.

Thanks @Josephine_van_Rijn and @Brotherbob for the links. I’ll have plenty to read, and who knows with California maybe issuing a whole state flavor ban, I better get into tobacco and menthols :rofl:



I put a spin on a honey tobacco recipe
Black honey (tfa) 5%
French vanilla. (Tfa) 3.5%
Bavarian cream (fw) 1.5%
Smooth. (Fa). 1%
Black cherry (Lnw). 7%. To. 10%