So, I have a Weismic rx 2/3.
Running either a clone goon (0.17 ohm)
Wotofo conquerer (0.26 ohm)
Or smok tfv8 (ranges from 0.15-0.48 ohm depending on coil in using)
Just been having a read about battery amp drains from regulated mods increasing as the charge in the cells decrease.
Does anyone have any advice on 18650 cells to use?

I am running Samsung 25r batteries that state they are 20a so I feel they may be a little low rating for such low ohmage.
Thanks in advance!

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Coil resistance doent really matter with regulated mods. What is important is the wattage that you vape at. The 25R’s will be good for about 140-150 watts in 2 cell mode or 200-220 watts in 3 cell mode.


Here is a good read on the subject.


In a regulated mod, Samsung 30Q’s or LG HG2’s are about as good as it gets.

Might like to read:

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Battery Testing by Mooch as of 12/2016 but I use it as my guide for 18650’s - I have one for 26650 somewhere if you want it