Battery display

I have a Smok ProColor and have a battery issue. Fully charged LG Hg2 batteries, but battery B display in showing no charge which is giving me a volt too low prompt. Any help is appreciated!

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After swapping the batteries around and still have exact same issue, I would return the mod and ask for a refund or exchange with a different device.


It’s the same either way. I’ve had the mod for 8 months now, so returning is not an option.

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My GBOX did that too. Turned out to be the tiny wire connecting the PCB to the spring pin that told the mod the battery door was properly closed. The solder broke and it made intermittent contact. Sometimes it was fine, sometimes it did that exactly. Soldered it back properly and it never happened again. Weird but true.


I think @anon44944642 is correct. you are likely vaping off one battery. Quick test… remove one batt (the one that is not displaying) and see if it vapes. If you have any experience soldering it’s likely an easy fix. There can be special screws but you can get a tool easily …likely at the local electronics store or online. @Sprkslfly has a thread re: these types issues …actually there are several re: tiny Torx required to disassemble. Can you send a pic of external screws? There are usually only like 4-5 screws holding any of these mods together. Your biggest problem might be flying springs.


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Cool… these things are manufactured very simply, electronics aside. You may be able to just remove the top and quickly solder one wire to the gold battery button …although it could be on the bottom. It’s likely on the spring loaded contact …moving allows the wire to break off, so if that battery button (springy one) is on top …5 minute fix.

Oh yeah and don’t try to use another tool as you need to protect that screw head from damage or it will never come apart with the right tool


I will definitely give it a shot. Thank you


I could smack it and sometimes that would fix it for a short while. Kinda cemented the broken wire theory in my mind.


@UPSguy you’ve clearly already been given some great suggestions!

I’ll add my leanings to the idea of the spring-loaded contact point (in the battery monitoring circuit) being the culprit.

I’ve seen similar issues before in this area, and regardless of the reason (oil from the manufacturing process, poor contact from a bad spring, or eliquid having gotten down in the pin/spring assembly) I’d recommend the following:

  • remove (and secure) the batteries
  • turn the mod upside down (pin facing the ceiling)

In quick succession:

  • dampen a q-tip in a bit of rubbing alcohol to just less than dripping, and then press the tip of the q-tip down onto the spring-loaded pin repeatedly (about 8 or 10 times). This will work a light bit of the alcohol into the joint, and should clear the contact point of whatever dirt and debris, or oil/eliquid that’s accumulated.

  • Immediately turn the mod over (pin facing the floor) and grab a dry q-tip, and repeat the pressures against the spring-loaded pin to remove any excess alcohol from the joint.

  • finally, take a pencil eraser and burnish the contacts on the end of the pin, and the mated point of contact on the battery door.

The above should fix the situation if the joint is simply dirty.

If the above does not work, it’s likely you have other issues. I’ve seen broken wires (as Phil mentions) as well as broken battery contacts on the main pcb, and more.


Thank you all. This will be something that I will look into on my next day off. Will update situation.