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Battery Safety Warning


I was recently informed by Amazon that the VTC5a batteries I purchased are NOT suitable for E Cigarette devices. Thoughts anyone.


No original manufacturer, Sony, LG, Samsung will ever say that they are. These batteries are meant for other devices like power tools etc. They are covering themselves from liability.


I would only say that’s true if they are not authentic. If there is any concern I would contact the seller.l and do some research.

Overall, mooch (the battery testing guru) has claimed that authentic ones are one of the best for vaping. Granted, nothing is “”safe” but atleast the best in comparison with many of the other choices.


Online stores will say the same as well. This is on illumn.com


thanks for the prompt response. Appreciated


Yeah, just checked it out. Seems they are covering themselves. Thanks


thanks. Pretty sure they’re genuine. I think they are just covering themselves, as other suppliers say the same thing.


Some people (unfortunately) never learned about Ohms Law and subsequently blew their faces off, resulting in all the disclaimers.
It’s kind of like that tag on hairdryer that states not to use it in a bathtub. :roll_eyes:


I don’t get it. Even if you don’t know ohms law, you are pretty safe as long as you don’t go below 0.15 ohms. What were these idiots doing? Loved your comment about the hairdryer by the way.Lol.


The batteries were not designed for electronic vapor devices and the disclaimer also releases the battery company from liability due to misuse of batteries.


Ooorah @TorturedZen


Just an FYI - no more often than we have to buy batteries, it’s money well spent to buy from reputable dealers. Personally I don’t trust Amazon with my life. Can’t say I really trust any business with my life, but I feel it’s taking far less chances buying from Illumination Supply or IMR, and even then, insuring you’re buying the right battery for your application.


That’s only true with a battery that has sufficient continuous discharge rating. There is no one-size-fits-all rule - everything must conform to Ohm’s Law to be safe.


Thats not entirely true. With a 25a VTC5A you are in dangerous territory. A 20a battry would be even worse.


To all who have corrected me on my ‘‘being safe as long as you don’t go below 0.15 ohms,’’ point taken. The last thing I want to do is spread incorrect, dangerous information. So thanks.


Indeed! :sunglasses: Do the the research, buy from reputable vendors, and trust the Mooch! He has a written blog on ECF and a vlog on YouTube:



(Just one of many vids)

Vape safe! :wink:


Wow. Just think…they wouldn’t have needed that yellow caution if someone hadn’t actually done it!