Battery Test Comparisons

I have tested a few of Torchythebatteryboy’s batteries over the past few months (Torchy is a UK battery vendor, so results may only be relevant to people over here)?

Samsung 30Q
Torchy 3400mAH 20A
Torchy 3500mAH 20A
Aoso 2600mAH 42A (Red)
Aoso 2600mAH 60A (Brown)
AWT 3000mAH 40A (Genuine)
Also a Sony VTC5 to show how batteries have improved in the last couple of years

and decided to correlate the results into one Google Docs

The results only show 42.5w - 60W results my style of vaping. Hopefully will add some results for around 15w with an MTL tank over the next month or so.

I have created the results in a table form. It is the first time I have used Google Docs, the results look alright on my browsers Chrome and IE on my laptop. But if the results look weird in your browser or phone, tablet I apologise, but don’t know enough to correct it. :slight_smile:


Torchy sent me some VTC5a and VTC6 re-wrapped in his glorious orange colour wrappers, to test. I have published the results alongside the other batteries I have previously tested on this Google Docs link.

The VTC5A is a definite improvement over the VTC5 which you would expect. But the VTC6 is the star performer for me, out of the batteries I have tested so far. It has no noticeable drop in performance near the batteries drop off point and at my personal sweetspot 40-45W I found it to be a very efficient battery. It also performs exceptionally well at higher Watts also.

Unsure if or when Torchy will be selling these, but definitely worth keeping an eye out if purchasing batteries in the future imho.

I am hoping to test all the batteries again at either 12 or 15w on a MTL tank over Xmas or New Year to see how all the batteries perform at the lower Watt setting. Will update the thread, once completed.

I also am able to test some of the batteries in dual mode, with not so extensive results. But the ability to show time, puff counts and a few other things using the Smok firmware on my device Hopefully get that done in the New Year.

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