BBC piece on e-cigarettes featuring Michael Mosley

Michael Mosley is a doctor and a journalist.


don´t know if it´s my computer buth all i can se is a big black screen :frowning:

The video works fine for me.

Thanks so much for finding this! It used to be on Youtube but I couldn’t find it last time I looked. At 30:20 they introduce a toxicologist who’s studying and comparing the effects of different flavors. Can anyone understand or figure out how to spell the guy’s name? I’d love to follow his work.


I’d guess at Gurovic or Gurovich for surname? Maybe Matche or Metche? :grimacing::thinking:

Remember watching this last year on the Beeb


His name is Maciej Goniewicz :slight_smile:


Thanks @daath for the video. Definitely interesting to watch and the best part is that it didn’t trash Vaping. It was actually really positive for the community as a whole.

As @Mizzz_Z_Hobbit says it would be interesting to see more studies on flavors and which ones that possibly could have a negative effect on us.


Haha! I was nowhere near :joy::joy:

Fantastic! Thank you! Mint and menthol flavors are my all time favorite but based on his few minutes on this show I’ve been worried about it. I try to vape fruits and creams at least half the time because of this.

@daath thank you. VERY important part (IMO) @ 23 minutes…

My computer won’t play it either. Could try this site:

I think it may be the same, if not, still good.

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just try a different browser

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This program was the catalyst for me to make the change :blush:


Oohhhhhh THAT BBC