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BBQ is better with a vape


What the hell, overcast day (again…) on the East coast, not great at the pool, raining on/off, what ya gonna do ???

BBQ !!! With a vape that is. I know there’s got to be some other BBQ Vapers here.


You’re speaking my language!!!


If I come up in the fall for the race I know where to go. Looks good man.


@TheTinMan1 @VapeyMama


Best part of race week hehe. Weather is not too good, so just tossing a load of St. Louis on there. Most times I’ll hit 2 racks, with 16 chicken thighs. Sometimes you just need meat, smoke, and 225 !!!


From last week…


Dammit boy! Looks so good.


I can’t hep it. Wife loves the food, but hates the cook LOL.

Hoping to see some more vapin’ BBQ pics from the home team here.


That looks incredible!!! :yum:

Have no likes left for another thirty mins or I’d give you a ton of them!


Thank you Lolly, TinMan, and VapeyMama


I’ve got about 15lbs of pork shoulder than I’m planning on slow grilling tomorrow, I’ll make sure to snap some pics! :meat_on_bone:


YES !!! Pics or it never happened !!!


You really need to be more responsible with your likes there hun… :wink:



Here’s a pork shoulder I smoked up a while back…need to make up another 1 soon



Mmmmmm, me likie … mmmmmmm

Is that an electric smoker ?


No, propane


I will admit it can suck being chained to the smoker with charcoal, have fantasized about getting a prop/elec smoker. Mostly to allow for unsupervised runs to the Mojito closet. :slight_smile:


Here’s a slightly better shot of it…