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BBQ is better with a vape


I got about an inch penetration on the breast!


I’m probably going to regret this, but an inch of penetration on the breast is pretty damned good !!!


It was so tender brother, melt in your mouth tender!


That can be hard to do, as turkey LOVES to get dry. Good job.


Thanks! The low temp really helps!


Words from the BBQ bible !!!


@Cutlass92 is a good meat smoker.


Tell him to slow down.


I don’t know how!


Hahaha… do you honestly think I have any control over him???



All out of likes… again!!!


The link, it doesn’t work!


Cook your turkey in the microwave and it’ll look like this!


to clean that pan? Put in a black plastic trash bag (tomorrow) and add a cup or two of ammonia. Get out as much air as you can, seal it tight, then put it in the sun outside for a few hours (or 8) …then just rinse it off (outside heh)


Thanks for the tip!


Sun? What sun? We’re in Indiana and it’s winter. How about 3 months? :joy:


::singing:: The Sun will come out tomorrooow


Bacon wrapped brauts about to hit the smoker!


I love using my smoker, set it up and walk away.