BCV super concentrates

could someone tell me about these , what have you tried ?? and which are good ?? finally are they truly super concentrates

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I have tried the SB and it has been ok reminds me of a milder wild SB with a ripe hint. I haven’t had many batches with it yet. I have more steeping and can chime in more later. I’ve seen a couple of companies call themselves super concentrates which is confusing ? I don’t know who they " belong to " ( the ones from BCF )

Here is one more calling themSC by vaping zone http://vapingzone.com/Strawberry-Concentrated-Flavor/pid-513.html



Here’s other ppl having a similar discussion https://www.reddit.com/r/AllTheFlavors/comments/4rab2m/flavor_request_super_concentrates/


The SC at bull City are the same as vaping zone, not the gourmet line but the regular. I emailed BCV a while ago and asked if they were similar and the response was something on the lines of “treat them the same EXACT way as VZ” with a wink. I do believe they are from China. I actually have 6 fruits I mixed up for single flavor testing. They were in alcohol and recommend 2.5% so that’s were I did them at. The ones I have mixed seem pretty strong but I’m gonna give them a week of aging and I’ll let you know what I think, but from a sniff test and drop on the back of the hand they are more authentic than candy fruits


Awesome I knew someone would come along and solve the mystery hee hee thanks

SC dragonfruit is pretty amazing. As far as being super concentrated, I wouldn’t say all that. They are maybe along the lines of FA, but not like MF.


Agreed. It’s really good! So far the ones I’ve tried are in line with what you said, they’re comparable to FA in strength

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