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Be polite and introduce yourself! (2017)

Hi, everybody! I’m just getting started this week. Been collecting the start-up goods and researching quite a bit. I received my first order of 10 flavors yesterday, got an inexpensive scale and my bases arrive tomorrow. Ordered more concentrates today, too! (going the PG-free route mostly, so concentrates and VG based flavors are my main interest)
I’m sure I’ll be needing a lot of advice, so, I’m glad I found this group! You all rock!
My name is Brian, and I got off the smokes the day I picked up my first starter eGo kit, 4/23/14. I can’t believe it’s taken this long to start making my own liquid! I’m pretty sure upgrading to sub-ohm tanks made me realize how much I was blowing through and how expensive it is.
I am a drummer, a husband, a new dad and stepdad. My awesome wife is a musician, too, and she also rocks! (I’m a cheesball and still say things like that…I’ll try to contain myself :wink:
Thanks for being such a welcoming group! Looking forward to the future!


Hi and welcome, Brian! I’m glad you’ve found the forum and that you are starting out with diy. I can guarantee you’ll come to love it. (And any man that praises his wife gets a :+1: from me lol) There are several drummers in here as well. Enjoy the ride! :sparkles:


Thanks, Underanne!


Oh, no! My thank you post was #666 in this thread! We’re doomed! Haha! What does it meeeean?! :wink:


:scream: Run and hide!


Welcome and glad you joined. I see you started vaping ego and worked up the vaping ladder. DiY is a trip you may enjoy. This site has many hidden gems like:

Just a few to start.


hi all
I am newbie in mixing and found this great forum.hope to learn how to mix my own private stash
I am from Lombok Island Indonesia.Before I want to start mixing my own I want to read how others are doing,
besides waiting for my flavours to arrive.by the way difficult for me to get so i don’t want to mess this up…


Hello everyone,
I have been mixing for about a month now. I have been living and working in China for 7 years and I started vaping about 4 years ago. I was using an EGO pen for most of that time then recently I picked up a higher end mod and then hit the problem of using huge amounts of E-juice. I realized I was spending more than I had when I was smoking so I decided to give mixing a try. My first few attempts were extremely frustrating. I ended up with flavorless air vapes. Finally, I found this website and started looking at the tips and recipes here and joined because I actually started seeing results by following the advice here.



I am Rob, new to the Forum, but not so new to vaping and Diy.
I vaped the first time a good 6 years ago. After switching from a Cigalike to an Ego I completely quit smoking alltogether, and around half a year later I started making my own juice aswell.
I have since happily been vaping with a max of 2 flavours in my juice, but now want to pick up more refined stuff and go really witchy crafty.
I recently also started to wick and coil, another step into being more independant. You never know what the future brings, that’s why I also have enough Nicotine base for the next 20 years in my stash… lol, panic struck ^^

Can’t wait till my flavours I ordered in GB (I live in germany) are here, until then I surf around here for recipes that look tasty!




Welcome in. Many of us hit that Pale Vape wall of low or insufficient flavors in our early mixes and there are a few things to try. If you mixing high VG try dropping down to 30% PG or lower as that can bring your flavors forward.
Citric Acid, Apple Cider Vinegar, Sweetener all will make big changes in an otherwise lackluster mix.
Read more and keep mixing as it’s just plain fun and really doesn’t cost much compared to smoking the analog nasty’s. Once you get part of your flavor stash built your expenses will drop considerably.


@RobynRye, @Kahnsfury, and @Bob_Bitchen, Welcome to the forums, from one noob to another. I have only been here for a couple of weeks, but have found so many nice and helpful people who will not make you feel bad for a question. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. :smiley:


Hi all.
Newbie DIY juice maker in the UK here.
I’ve been vaping for 4 years in an effort to quit smoking & haven’t had a fag since, so I guess it works.
I started with Ego type sticks & cheapo clearomisers which were fairly frustrating as they had no battery power & didn’t produce much vape. I then discovered iClear 30 & 30S atomisers & iLeaf TC40 mods which solved the problem. I find the 30S ones leak, so I now have 5 x 30 models which I strip & clean in an ultrasonic cleaner every couple of weeks & rarely have to change coils.
I was using Vapegoo for my juice, but due to TPD rules, their site was down for ages as they had to reinvent the way they sell juice. When I saw the new prices, I decided to mix my own. EjuiceMeUp is my source of recipes & I’ve used DarkStar for the base products. I have 500ml of 7.2% nicotine in the fridge so I’m sorted for quite a while on raw ingredients.
I’ve followed a few recipes which kind of worked but have modified a few to give me more taste. I’m mixing at 70VG/30PG but will try 50/50 thanks to helpful comments on this site. Started at 18mg nicotine, then 12mg. Now at 9mg but don’t think I can go any lower.
I like vanilla custards & cookie dough, but my ADV is peanut butter with a touch of vanilla. Can’t stand artificial tasting flavours like skittles etc, but it’s all down to personal preference.
I’m asked why I don’t give up vaping after 4 years, but I see no need. I don’t think it will kill me, compared to the alternative.
Anyway, this is me. Thanks for reading.


Because i have been a bit lapse in greeting all the newcomers of late I would just like to welcome you all into the warmth of my ample bosom :grin::+1:

You will find the best people in vapingdom in these parts…(not the bosoms…you will only find crumbs and maybe the odd insect in there…but as far as the forum goes…best gang ever :wink: )


Welcome :grinning:


Sorry did not presented my self, im around this forum since a few weeks…
Im new to diy, i quite smoking since almost 4 years i did gave a shut at diy in the begining, my wife found my mixes unvappable, so did not persisted at that time, now im working as a drug and alchool abuse counselor my “customers” are mostly smokers and in fact it is one of them who introduced me to vapping, so im always trying to encoirage them to vape, i needed a cheap way to get them juice and diy anser that, i now have 2 kits that they can try and if a guy likes it i arrange to get is own kit, from the time they are in the center i will provide the liquids, so this is part of my motivation for diy, found this site to be very helpfull!!! Thanks to all


That’s awesome!! Welcome!


Glad to have you here Jc113.


Outstanding @Jc113 that’s the quintessential meaning of paying it forward. I love helping others make the transition to becoming Tobacco Free. For these people who have decided to make meaningful and life changing decisions for their own betterment. This is a awesome way to show them they can break the vicious cycle of addiction. Its a great start to living a healthier and less harmful lifestyle.


Cheers everyone out there :slight_smile: I am Jack from germany…and I’m mixing for a while now for friends and myself - But still far far away from experienced. Just found this community recently … and everyone here seem to be polite and helpful. THAT’S AWESOME! :smiley:
So then…after I added my first recipe here http://e-liquid-recipes.com/recipe/1504374/Childhood …I am now going to try redo “Strawnana Custard” from the user Ken O’Where http://e-liquid-recipes.com/recipe/102758/Strawnana%20Custard

Wish me luck!

Beer for all of you!


Welcome and good luck!

Yes! :beers: