Be polite and introduce yourself! (2017)

As a new member, please introduce yourself to the rest of the family :slight_smile:

The old thread had gotten a little big, so let’s start a new thread :slight_smile:


Hello everyone, I’m new here and to the vaping/mixing scene. I’m from southeastern Missouri, I’m eager to learn and help with anything Ive learned, this seems like a great community


Welcome aboard! Lovely to have you here :smiley:


Welcome to the best site on the net!


Welcome!! :grin:


Welcome @back_woods_alchemist

Love the name. Anyone who’s never been to SE Missouri doesn’t know how back-woodsy it really is. There are a lot of liquids mixed in that part of the state too. Some of them you can run your car on! :laughing:

Welcome to ELR


Hi everybody!
Actually I’ve been hanging about in the rafters for a couple weeks now, but I just realized I never introduced myself.
I live in Missouri, St.Louis area to be exact. I’ve been vaping for around 6 months or so, and I’ve been mixing for about 5 months. I got tired of spending too much money on low quality juice very quickly, so I started mixing my own almost immediately. I am VERY far from being good at it, but the stuff I mix is tolerable, and about 90% cheaper than the store bought stuff, so I’m happy :grin:


Welcome Saxon! I’ve seen you hanging around and enjoy your post. Thanks for making this site better and congrats on your DIY journey!


Welcome new folks! This site is wondrous place! [quote=“Saxon2, post:7, topic:112602”]
I am VERY far from being good at it, but the stuff I mix is tolerable,

Don’t be so hard on yourself. This is how I feel about a lot of stuff I make even though my kids tell me it’s fantastic. Then again, I have a few mixes I really like that my kids think is poison. :smirk:


I’m a truck driver (local now) from Waco, TX. I’ve been lurking in here for a couple of weeks. Quit smoking and started vaping almost 2 years ago. I haven’t started diy yet, I’ve put together at least 40 different varieties of Amazon, Nudenic, Liquidbarn, wizard labs etc. etc. Carts but haven’t pulled the trigger yet. Everytime I start to I see a new recipe pop up and I think “I gotta try that”, then before long my cart gets overwhelmed, I trash it and start over.


i am new here as well, been vaping for over 2 years easy. lol time flies when your head is always in the clouds. pull the trigger, i made my first mix saturday and it isnt that bad. i call it strawnilla. something i seen on here and added and took away some flavors. its very rewarding for me. go for it.
i know strawnilla will only get better with time


Welcome to the both of you @Tenfifty and @City Looking forward to getting to know you! :grinning: And I agree - just take the plunge and you’ll never regret it. Start small with the flavors and you can stock up as you go.


HA! I feel your pain brother. I currently have open carts on Amazon, Ecx, and MFS that I can’t seem to pull the trigger on. I did finally pop on the cart I had on Nic River.
It gets kinda pricey very quick doesn’t it? :laughing:


Hah! Yes it does! I started off thinking, “Hey, I can do this for less than $100 and save a ton of money!” Now I’m looking at three carts, Amazon for the scale and stuff, Liquidbarn for nic and VG, glassbottleoutlet for bottles, and Bullcityflavors for my flavors, of which there are 28 flavors in that cart alone. Alltogether totalling over $200 and could easily spend MUCH more and I haven’t even ordered a thing yet. So much for saving money lol.


Yep, the initial outlay of cash can be a little staggering but you gotta look all the way to the end of the tunnel. In the long run you’ll be saving tons of cash. As well as improving your health tremendously. At least that’s how I justify it to myself anyway :smirk:


That works for me…It’s getting my wife on board that’s the tricky part. At the end of the day Vaping was supposed to save money and be healthier than smoking… I just keep telling her, “Well, I feel healthier” lol


Good idea daath. Long time smoker, 6.5 year vaper, and never looked back. Scenic tax free state of Delaware. Love the ELR site, and after visiting MOST of the others, I think ELR is the best, hands down. Started dripping on a lowly EGO batt and atomizer (what a PITA), blew tons of cash on crappy equipment, but not many were vaping back in the “olden days”, so figured it out as I went along. Ironically probably one of my BEST setups, was a Provari 2.0 w./ a Phiniac XL nude tank with XL Boge cartos, and I still use that to this day. BEST equipment I’ve ever purchased. Got tired of buying cartos (still am) and atty’s, so moved over to rebuilding (it’s really not that hard). Had been vaping on the cheap from Mt. Baker Vapor, and got mega hooked on their French Toast, but had to kick them to the curb once they started PRE-steeping their juices, which meant when I received my beloved French Toast, it was very dark, and almost bitter (hits the trash can). Was intimidated by the metric ton of info, suggestions, and complete confusion regarding DIY mixing, but THAT’S over now hehe.

Rebuilding, DIY’ing, saving loads of cash every single day, put some clean cotton wicks in every day or two, and it costs me about 10 cents a day to chain vape, AND, I can vape whatever the hell I want. :slight_smile: Loving life on my new fav. Steam Crave RDTA, with simple paralleled claptons. Nothing fancy, no need, just great tasting, vaping goodness.

Tenfifty, don’t sweat the details, as you made the BEST first step, by signing up on ELR. Soo many good people here, great recipies, honest feedback/reviews. Everyone’s tastes are different, so the other guy’s GREAT mix may not appeal to you, and vice versa. My personal favs (just my opinion) are Nude Nicotine for NIC, and Bull City flavors for ALL of my flavorings. I also get all of my PG and VG from Nude Nic as well. I’m not overly concerned about finding the cheapest PG/VG, or NIC, but I want quality, and I’ve never been let down. Bull City ships so fast it’s almost scary good. Nude Nic, not the fastest on shipping, but the quality to me, is some of the highest, and had no issues.

I think at this point I’ve got over 225 flavors, and it allows me to make almost every recipie here (not all), plus freely experiment. As usual try small, and buy big. Get a load of 10ml flavors, find what you like, then go crazy with the bigger bottles.

Last thing. When I started I was mixing by volume (ml and syringes), OMG, what was I thinking. Waay to time intensive, mess, cleanup, blehh. Got a scale, started mixing by weight, done, done, and done. Not looking back.


You know, I wish one of these companies would just look at A Beginner's Guide To Making The Most Highly-Rated Recipes, and put together a bundle with the supplies and flavors, along with the recipes and sell the whole damn thing as a kit. Problem solved lol


Thanks for your story and the suggestions!


Tenfifty, once you get IN, and you want to do it the easy way (mixing by weight), one thing to keep in mind is most battery operated scales time out (shut off) after a certain amount of time (that sucks !!), and I’ve had this one and it plugs in, which eliminates any issues. Accurate to .01G, super easy to use…