Be polite and introduce yourself! (Feb. 2015 to Feb. 2017)

Welcome @Z_Hobbit ! Welcome back @vonTrueso !


@phaser, @vonTrueso, and @Z_Hobbit
Welcome to you all! Glad you found your ways here!

Also, Congrats on quitting tobacco!


@CraigC @Obi-Wan @phager @vonTrueso @Z_Hobbit welcome aboard people, best forum on earth, be prepared to spend all your hard earned trying to keep up with this lot lol


Hello everyone,

My name is Tom, 32 years old father off 4 and enlisted in the local army (Belgium).
Been lurking around here for a few days so probably about time for introductions.
I picked up a cheap vaper 13 days ago (just got q16 starter kit), and haven’t touched a cigarette since which is quiet remarkable for me since i smoked 40 to 50 a day. Since then i constantly harassed google and YouTube for any info i could find about vaping. Conclusion i wanted beter gear and better juice, so i have ordered an iStick pico, a serpent mini, coils,cotton,batteries etc for the gear part. Juice seemed to expensive except the bland or horribly tasting stuff I’m vaping right now, and then i found diy and this amazing resource. Offcourse that meant hitting the credit card again, to order some supplies😎. Got a few off them in just before the weekend, and mixed a first batch yesterday. Just some simple strawberry/vanilla bean gelatto mix, as a s&v it was bland with just a hint of vanilla but hey it was vapeable so I’m not complaining will have another taste in a few days maybe after some steeping it will turn out half decent fingers crossed.

Already learned a lot here and from diyordie youtube/facebook and kreeds fb group, so thx alot for that and I hope that in a couple of months I’ll be pay it back. I’m pretty sure I’ll get some practice because we made the switch with seven people and it looks like I’m the only one interested to mix but all are interested in being my guineapigs haha.


Congrats on quitting and welcome! I’m very new as well. The best advice I ever got was to try some unflavored juice. It’s obviously VERY bland but a little sweet and not as unpleasant as it sounds. It helps to gauge the effect a certain flavor is having. Also, when using tanks to taste test and switching to a new flavor, running small amount of unflavored through the coil first can help you see the true nature of the new flavor. Best of luck! Yes I will be a guinea pig happily once I get a better stock of flavors, lol.

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hey Tom, welcome to the best Vaping community on the planet, good to have you :wink::+1:

This post was put up the other day and is a very valuable piece for information on starting mixing.
give it a read dude :+1:


Welcome Tom. Any questions, just ask away. You’ll get tons of help here from really nice people.


Greetings -

My name is Scott and have been vaping for about 5 years. Started making my own juice 2 years ago. I liked Arnies Peaches and Cream that I purchased and found a good recipe that I have been vaping. I recently started looking for my favorite Gambit and found a clone here. I purchased the flavors from TPA and just made my first batch. Couldn’t wait to steep so I loaded it in my Smok TFV4 on top of my IPV5. have been using TC for the last 6 months or so. Previously used a Lava tube with Aspire tank and before that a cigarette type ecig… Definitely like the Smoke tank and Ti coils. The IPV5 works pretty good but always interested in better flavor and more clouds.

Thanks to ya’ll for being here. :slight_smile:


Welcome Scott!

Welcome Scott. Your in the right place. :sunglasses:

Welcome Scott! Get comfy and holler if you have any questions! There’s a lot of knowledgeable folks about!

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Hello all.

My name is James, I’m from Vancouver Canada , and I’ve been vaping since 2012. I started diy about 2 months ago. I had taken a crack at it a few years back with pretty bad results…but now I’ve better stocked up my arsenal of flavours and lab equipment, and I’m very pleased with some of my results. Building coils and General vape stuff has been a small hobby of mine…but is now evolving into something greater than me, lol. I love it all, I almost like organizing most. Thinking of flavours that could be paired, all of it! I’ve been working as a cook/chef for 16 years, working in some of vancouvers top restaurants and hotels. Food is not just my passion, but my life. This new obsession fits perfectly with my other obsession. Oh, and I’m very greatfull to have found ELR, such a great resource, and helpful community! When I talk about this stuff with my wife, it’s like talking to a brick wall.


Welcome new people!! :grin:


welcome to the party @James35 & @sseibert3 :+1:


Welcome to our friendly forum and sorry for the late Welcoming! @Duchesst @sseibert3 @James35

Hi All,

I’m Cam from Calgary Canada. I’ve been vaping for over two years now and been smoke free for just about two years now. As my journey into vaping turn to building my coils and bigger tanks I found myself spending way too much on store bought ejuice so a few weeks ago I figured the next progression was DIY ejuice. Wish I found this site before I put my first order in for supplies as I just got random flavors that probably didn’t really work together. SInce I have found this site I have put in a good sized order to mix some of the recipes that interested me and already had some very good results. Great site for a newbie. Thanks for everyone who contributes and helpful sooner or later i can also submit some nice recipes of my own.

On another note does anyone in my area know of any place I can get my supplies locally? I have been ordering from DIY-Ejuice in Vancouver and The Broke Vaper in Toronto. Both are great places to get supplies from but would be nice to be able to go to a shop in Calgary so I could quickly get a few flavors that I need without paying a hefty amount to ship.


Welcome Cam!
Pleased to meet you, and I hope you enjoy your time here at ELR. It’s truly an awesome resource, and the search bar can be your biggest asset in many cases!


Welcome!! :sunglasses:

Welcome aboard @Moose7, pleasure to have you here, can’t be any help with your suppliers I’m afraid as I’m UK, but plenty of kind hearted folk on this site to help you out if you put a thread up :+1: has list of canadian vendors there are some shops in cowtown I just think of them off hand if you want I can go find them and see if any carry flavs