Be polite and introduce yourself! (Feb. 2015 to Feb. 2017)

Welcome @Felmaera @VapinDave @Chewy and @Patissier to the best vaping forum on the web!!! Sit back, grab a vape, and be prepared to learn from the vast library of knowledge shared here by these great people I like to call my ELR family! If you have any questions, feel free to ask and I am sure someone here can help you, and if not they will help work through it with you!

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Greetings and welcome to the ELR Family, ya’ll ! :slightly_smiling:

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Salutations @Patissier and @Chewy!

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I’m Michael…
Just started mixing, so thats what brings me here. I’ve been vaping for 2.5 years. I love the topics and posts from you all. It’s been a big learning experience for sure. My flavor stock is low starting out. With the skill here on ELR I was able to produce a fine ADV right out of the box. My head is pretty big as a result. But the thanks is due to the ELR community, and the fact that I had a nice sweet cream to finish it off. I’m looking forward to participating in the discussions, and future development of vaping in the U.S.A. and ERL


Welcome @Baxtah!


Welcome to the group Baxtah. Make sure and read through the thread Resources and Tips for Beginning DIY E-liquid. It has a great deal of information to get you geared up and creating your own tasty recipes.

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Welcome to the group @Baxtah! Make yourself at home. :slightly_smiling:

Welcome HOME, @Baxtah . So glad you joined us.

Hello everyone!

Name is Alex, From Santa Clara, CA. I have been vaping since the start of Ego Twists lol. I have been tobacco free for 3 years now. Currently working on making my own stabilized wood mods, and I just recently started making my own juice, first blend was NOT a success lol so I looked around on the internet for some tips and recipes and found this site! looks like a great community of DIY’ers, hope to talk to some of you guys soon and maybe I can be a help to some others.


Welcome @AlexM1!

Welcome! You’ve definitely come to the right place! Lots of great people and great info floating around here. :slightly_smiling:

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Welcome Welcome, Alex!

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Welcome to the Fam @AlexM1!!!

I’m douglas from Indianapolis, Indiana. Been on this for 5 months now. Don’t know it I ever did this. thread. I’m a stay home dad. because of some disabilties.I can’t smell anything, so I have to go on tast. and thats even mutted. Quit butts about 2 years now, started vaping. Then started make ejuice. still working on that part.
I was a in the paint and body for 15 years. Most of my time is reading this web site and the resipies. I’, not good at this at all. I’m a gett it done today type of guy, so making e juice is hard for me to wait ( steep time sucks) Thanks to all that has help on here daaff, jojo, pro-vape and more that I forgot.


I haven’t been doing my duties as a regular, so WELCOME TO THE FAMILY EVERYONE! There has been loads of new people that I can’t name but we are happy to have all of ya!


Welcome! I’m glad you decided to stop by. :slightly_smiling:

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I know. I see you very where. you are master at vaping in hardware & ejuice. I have see some of your resipies and wow. How you but 10 flavors in one and make it great is saying something. Thanks for all the hard work .


Greetings people of ELR!

My name is Donovan. I am responsible for everything “flavor concentrate” over here @ EcigExpress!

I’m always available for questions. DIY or die!


I’m Joe. I’ve been analog free for over a year and a half. Got tired of over priced juice and being 30min away from a B&M so about 2 months ago I dove into DIY_juice on Reddit which led me here, and now I make my own juice, which is awesome.

I’m more of a lurker when I don’t know a lot about a “hobby” or topic, so you may not see much of me posting.

Thanks to everyone who’s been here longer than me who have made rules, recipes, and help guide noobs like me :clap:t2::smiley:


Welcome!! :slight_smile: No pressure to post if you don’t want to, but feel free to ask questions if you have them!

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