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Be polite and introduce yourself!


Hi everyone. I’m George, I started vaping at the end of August to try and quit cigarettes, and I took to it right away (I haven’t had a cigarette since my 3rd day of vaping!) As I was reading up on vaping, I found out you can make your own eliquid and so I started researching, reading and learning. I finally made my first DIY purchase around 5 weeks ago (and have more flavors set to arrive today) and have still mostly been working on single flavor testers with a couple of simple mixes just to try. One of the things I read on mixing had a link back to ELR’s calculator (which is how I found this great site). I actually didn’t realize these forums were even here until just over a week ago, and once I found them I spend so much time reading all the useful information here, that I hadn’t gotten around to introducing myself. Since this topic popped up for me this morning, I figured now would be as good a time as any to introduce myself. So here I am. New and learning and happy to be vaping rather than smoking, and so glad I found this site. :slight_smile:


Welcome aboard @GSAutoTech & @GeorgeT93
:wave: :+1:


Welcome, success and fun with your mixing adventures!
Good to see someone researching before diving in head first in the deep end :grin:
Guess you’ve figured out where and how to find the useful info, and if not, just post your questions and people here will guide you around.


Welcome new folks @GSAutoTech and @GeorgeT93

Hope you enjoy your stay


Diving in head first is one if my signature moves! Lol.
I learn real fast by making mistakes :slightly_smiling_face: keeps it real


Welcome to the club :slight_smile:


Careful what you do, or you’ll end up with this

and actually vaping tarragon and spearmint like me.


No worries, everybody has their own style. I kinda dived in head first too… did a lot of things I would’ve done different had I known in advance.


I’ll try to describe my go to juices.
Halo had Twisted Java. My first fav flav. Light coffee, slightly creamy, slightly sweet, possibly with touch of caramel, but on the back end had just a pinch of mint. Sorta like a mocha mint but didn’t have a chocolate notes. It was discontinued a while back.
Next, best described like Wrigley’s spearmint gum. Although lighter on the spearmint & a touch more toward peppermint. Delicate balance.


Been taste testing at local shop new juices to expand my palette.
Really enjoying Butter sugar cookies & strawberry butter cookie. Yum


Mint is relatively easy. I go with Spearmint and peppermint from Flavour Art.
Menthol/WS-23/Koolada if you like it cold (at the moment, I am going fro WS-5 and WS-23 but menthol .5%/WS-23 1% is a good bet). Addition of herbs/lemon a good thing as well.

For the custard, I’ll let the custard heads speak :slight_smile: Also, someone will mention flavours you can’t get hold of soon enough :slight_smile:


Welcome @GeorgeT93 :raised_hand:


Congratulations, and welcome @GeorgeT93. Glad you found the forums.


If you want to make more, be sure to ask me, I make tons of them.


Welcome and glad you joined.


Hi, I’m from Southeastern Indiana and have not been into vaping for very long. However, I’ve been into it long enough for me to realize that this is the way to go to quit smoking.

Back in August, at a friends suggestion, I had her pick me up my first kit (Eleaf Aspire Aster), it wasn’t bad but I hadn’t hit the “let’s do this!” point yet. A couple of weeks later, I picked up a Smok Stick Prince and started using it a lot more, however, as much as I like it, it’s NOT a pocket friendly vape. Also, because I was smoking about a half pack a day, I was vaping at 6mg… the throat hits were pretty harsh at times… LOL. After tasting a juice my friend had, I went into Cincinnati OH to a place I knew they sold it, only to find out they weren’t open on weekends… LOL. Luckily for me, there was a vape lounge in the same shopping center. I tried and bought a couple of juices, but the vape we used stuck in my head, they used Vaporesso Tarot Nanos for sampling. That’s where I’m at now… LOL… after a week of thought, I picked one up and not only is it easy to use, but it’s VERY pocket friendly (I should note I have a bigger tank coming though, the 2ml tank goes pretty quick when you use it a lot). I have gotten into the “Let’s do it!” mode with this and am slowly cutting back from the cigs even more. I’ve also found that for me, 3mg versions are a lot better, maybe because I “butted” my cigarettes a lot? Who knows, we’re all different… LOL.

And that brings us to why I joined here, the next step will probably be to try making my own juices. But I wanted information before getting into it. I’m not sure how long it will be before I start because I’ve a few recommendations against starting before x amount of time, however, I do know that I will carefully read/watch the safety information before I start.

With all that said… again… Hi!


If you have a few bucks to spare, you can definitely start mixing whenever.
One shots are a good way to start if you are worried about complicated mixing and want to limit risks.
Scales + bottles + vg + Pg + nic + a couple one shot concentrates, you should be able to keep it under 50.


Welcome @Blackjack3 :raised_hand:


Welcome aboard :wave: @Blackjack3


Welcome @Blackjack3
No need to be afraid of starting with DIY… most people agree that the only regret is that they hadn’t found out soon enough :wink: The freedom and satisfaction you get from it are worth paying for, but you save money instead.