Beantown Vapor - Please help me unlock it's secet!

Back before I was DIY, I was dropping plenty of $ trying any and all gourmet e-juices I could find in the search for the perfect flavor before I finally found it: Beantown’s oh-face; it totally harmonizes with my taste buds like nothing else. I must have gone through a 120 ml a week for while before I broke the bank lol so now I’ve been DIY’ing for almost a year. I’ve got a about 20 recipes I love and no longer buy any juice. Unfortunately, I cannot reproduce what I loved about oh-face as no matter how close I get, I can taste that there’s something vital missing and i cannot put my finger on it. I’ve even considered contacting Beantown and asking them under the promise of confidentiality but I don’t because it’s an awful idea and obviously they won’t tell me. In my research no one has even tried to clone this juice besides myself. If anyone has any insight into what unique property that juice has, I’ll be eternally grateful. This recipe is the closest I’ve gotten hence it is what i will use to experiment with until I find it.

Bavarian Cream (TPA) 2%
Strawberry (Ripe) (TPA) 12%
Vanilla Bean Ice Cream (TPA) 4%

Yeah John, That is what happens to a lot of us. I used to be gourmet, boutique all the way.

I spent 6 months and over 500.00 cloning my favorites and then the sub ohm craze came a long and the heat changed my recipes so they had to be tweaked and changed… so add 3 months and another $200.00.

My suggestion is go here:

And then click on the word “Rating” at the right hand middle of page. All the 5 star recipes will come up and you will get close to the profile you are looking for. I apply the principles of cooking. A good cheesecake needs a dash of lemon. A good bakery recipe needs a little spice.

See if that gets you headed in the right direction :slight_smile:


So what flavor profile are you missing?

Is it a zing to your strawberry? Maybe a dash 0.3% rassberry FA could do that.

Are you missing a weird background flavor? Maybe it’s 4 drops to a 30 ml mix of cinnamon FA.

Do you need more crust? 0.5 to 1% biscuit INW or cookie FA.

Maybe you just need to add strawberry FA or INW to add.

The possibilities are endless. So what are you missing. Like mentioned above we all have to buy a bunch of other flavors from other companies to hit those marks. The other part, have you gone back to the vendor and “tested” their mix. You may find you no longer like it. Or it’s too sweet or over flavored. And then you realize your not missing much and the recipie your working on can now be changed to the way you like it.

Oh yes. My thumbs arnt typing well today


I know this is a dated thread but I finally get it. I recently thought I’d revisit this recipe. I ordered a bottle of oh face and when i tasted it again for first time in years, I immediately tasted butter and that cinnamon spice flavor used in a lot of Mother’s milk clones. I did a search to see if anyone attempted an oh face recipe with spice and the first result was link to your response to my question a couple of years ago, which apparently went way over my head back then.

Hey there, not to reopen an old thread but the guy at Beantown who makesall the juice told me that they use miniscule amounts of sweetener in all their juices. He also told me that his recipes are simpler than they seem and gave me a sly grin…


Try add a little dragon fruit or a little kiwi to the mix my be that’s what’s missing

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the Clone video I saw did this

TFA Bavarian cream 0.6 ml
Strawberry (cap) 2.6 ml
VBIC Cap 1.2 ml
Sweet Cream (cap) 1 ml