Bee careful when vaping

Custard yum yum


Wasps and bees are my nemesis when I’m outside vaping lol.

I’m a custard man myself lol.



Where our Arsehole boss expects us to Vape in the Smoking area there are bins. And with bins come the wasps…

…so far Me 22 - 0 Wasps. Its like a Wasp graveyard over there :smile: :grin:

Now if a Bee decided to say “Hi” i’d be happy to share but I don’t think it would do him much good

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That must be some damn fine smelling custard! If it tastes as good, this “hive” wants the recipe! Is it a published recipe?

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OMG! I searched for this thread because I sort of remembered reading about this experience a while ago! Well, on to the reason why I searched this thread…yesterday, I was outside playing cornhole with my husband and our sons. I picked up my mod and was about to take a draw when I noticed that there seemed to be something in the chimney of the tank. I couldn’t tell what it was so I decided to hit the fire button without taking a hit…all of a sudden, a pretty nice size yellow and black bee like the one in the picture at the top of this thread came shooting out of my drip tip! Scared the piss outta me! Good thing I looked at my tank before hitting it…I can only imagine if I hadn’t looked and managed to suck a bee straight into my lungs…not cool!