Been a while...couple quick questions

Hey guys! Uncle Topher here…renamed myself to TopherZ420…no particular reason…just changing with the New Year and all. I have really been out of the loop for the last year and wanted to pcik a few brains if I may:

This is, for me. the Year of the Coil. For once and for all I am going to stop spending so much on pre-made,crappy coils I have to try and match up with tanks I have, and just start building my own.Now, this isn’t to declare a total 100% conversion or to say I think tanks/coils are bad. I just would rather put that money into juice supplies as I have ALSO been buying premae liquids and…well…without coming across as arrogant…my stuff that I made…sometimes with VERY few ingredients…and I considered to be only so so at best…is almost always ‘as good as’ these ‘premium’ store bought juices I try (though I still cannot hold a candle to a few specific receips from a few specific companies local and abroad (EX: Space Milk, made here locally on the Treasure Coast, FL and a few others…Snake Venom and Blueberry Muffins from TheVapeMall are just a little better than my best stuff) but anyway…I have the basics down…just need to restock from Wizard Labs and I’ll be good to go.

I said ALLL THAT to come back around to this: Been gone a while. Seen a few things I have questions/comments/concerns about.

As I am swicthing from tanks using premade coils to building my own decks…I am once again a babe in the woods on what brands and types of RDA’s to buy. Also…I can’t be the only tank/RDA guy out there…anyone else doing this and if so…what tank/premades do you use?I am running on the assumption that RDA’s taste so much better they ruin you for tanks, so I’m betting some of you have ferreted out some tanks that are at least acceptable.

For the sake of convenience I choose my tanks based on teh coils they use so I can interchange between them. I lost my Wismec Rx 200w and mny TF4V as well as my iStick 100w and my Arctic V8 to the ICW (Inter-Coastal Waterway) down here in FL while kayaking, and I was reduced to my 'ol trusty iJust 2’s I bought as a pair over two years ago. iJust came out with an “S” version of this recently which is the same thing just with a larger and more powerful battery allowing you to go down to .18 (was .3 Ohms). I love these guys due to their shape (never liked “box” shaped mods) and their rugged reliability. So…

I am in the market for one higher powred box…still giving them a shot…and also…any tanks come up in the collective radar as superstars? I LOLVED both my TFV4 and Arctic V8 but they were juice GUZZLERS and their coils were outrageously expensive online and literally LOL, ridiculously over priced here locally, in the shops. I got into a but of a scrum with one shop owner who was asking $8-something PER coil…but I digress…

I am taking any suggestions on tanks…just for now while I learn rebuildables. L:ooking for good starter RDS’s…I amguessing ones with big fat decks to learn on. No need to be fancy yet…just operational and a good example of why people use them. Are these ‘squonk’ boxes a real thing? Is that a workaround for the inconvenience inherent to drippers you have to mess with every time you hit them?

That is alot of questions…any advice is greatly greatly APPRECIATED!

Check out the Hohm Wrecker G2 with newest update it’s 171 watts but TC works really well with all types of coils :+1:

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aweszome, thanks Rob!


As I agree with @Rob62 on the HW G2, especially at the price right now, allow me to suggest a Kanger DripBox 160W and a Velocity V2 clone.
You can use the mod to squonk, have plenty of power, have good SS usage in temp control.
You can use the mod with any tank and not squonk, or with an RDA.
You can use the Velocity V2 as an RDA, it’s VERY easy to build on, especially when beginning.
You can use the Velocity V2 as a squonk RDA if you get one with the convertible center pin…like
the Tobeco Velocity V2, and both can be bought in the USA.
The Velocity V2 has excellent flavor, has enough air flow for huge DTL hits, or can easily be closed down for MTL hits.

I would say a perfect combination that is very affordable.


wow…yeah it sounds like with just a couple purchases…the box and the V2 I can not only be covered for higher Wattage vaping (the IJust 2’s are low …the iJust 2 S I got is a little better…they only give the mfor right now but be familiarizing myself with coil building and also test out this idea of squonking. I know right off the bat I ain’t calling it that for much longer…lol…so that will be priority…cannot say “I’m going to step outside and squonk, I’ll be right back”, … barely get away with saying “vape” as it is. With the iJust 2’s they have their “direct output” voltage-based system in which output is relative to battery capacity…so it starts out at something like 80w (so it says anyway) and drops as the battery life drops. The older iJust’s were 2600 mAh and they honestly will blow some nice clouds fresh off a full charge. Now the newer iJust 2 “S” bumped it up to 3000mAh. I just like the design. It’s new ones are a little larger and it’s like holding a nice cigar…which I also used to smoke…so it just always seemed more natural than those clunky square devices. 160 w will get me close to where I was with my WISMEC and I don’t recall ever taking that thing much over 80…and NEVER over 110 or so…66.6 was the sweet spot …lol. My WISMEC was a little ‘heavy-metal’ I guess.

Thanks so much for the advice guys. I do my reading on websites and in the stores but…I knew when I wanted to get back into it and get the true-true on certain things, this was the place to come!