Been feeling sick for the past couple of days

Hey so I’ve been vaping for almost 6 months now. I was a cigarette smoker before this for 5 years. For the past couple of days I’ve been feeling sick. Nauseous, weird chest feelings, head aches. I haven’t changed my nicotine levels and I’m using juice that I’ve used in the past. The only thing I’ve changed is going from a tank to an RDA but I’ve used this same RDA in the past and never felt this. Could what I’m feeling be due to vaping, I wake up fine in the morning and as soon as I start vaping it happens. Once again, the only thing I have changed is going from a tank to a RDA which I have used in the past.

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When the first thing you list is “nauseous” or feeling sick, the first thing that comes to mind with me is “a bad flavor” (or more accurately, a flavor that your body doesn’t like, even though your mouth might.)

I can also say, that while it might be the same liquid you’ve used in a tank without issue… simply changing to RDA allows certain flavors to “come through” more than they did before. So, on occasion, I can say it’s possible.

It’s an interesting process (and journey) this thing called vaping! I hope your able to discern then cause, and then control the effect.

Of course, then again, it could simply be a cold (or bug) coming on, and the timing’s purely coincidental! lol

Either way, keep us posted, and hope you get to feeling better quickly!

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Yup it’s been said. You may just be sick. What’s your coil setup?..are you getting more vape out of your rda? If your going from 1.2ohm to a 0.5 rda build there is more vape.

Maybe it is the nic? Maybe you had a slip up mixing in you nic. Maybe it’s this bottle or this batch. I personally can say it did make this mistake once. Had a hot spot in my nic and ruined a whole batch. The flavor was off and peppery. The following batch was totally fine so I blamed it on lazy mixing. My fault.

But it can be other things too. Maybe your stressed. And when you smoked when stressed it was either one cig or two…but there was an end to the smoke break. It’s easier to vape and vape and vape.

And since it’s been 6 months since the normal habit of smoking has ended. But everyone is different. Maybe mentally your having your last baby push of quitting the cigs. Depending on other factors (like weight or being around 2nd hand smoke) you are pushing out the last bit of physicial effects of smoking.

I wish you the best.


Yeah the flu is going around here (Waco, TX) pretty strong. I quit smoking and started vaping 2 years ago (over 25 year smoker) . I used to get a cold once or twice a year, once in the summer and again in the winter. Since I quit smoking I haven’t been sick once. Probably a coincidence but I like to think it’s not.


Are you using a different type of wicking material or wire? When I first started using TI wire, I wasn’t cleaning it properly before coiling and it tasted awful and made me nauseous as well as using poor quality cotton. Also, make sure you are cleaning your RDA really well from time to time. They can build up a nasty taste if it’s never washed. Hope you find what the problem is.


sounds like your nic is higher mg ml then its supose to be.test your nicotine

I hope you’re feeling better. I had a similar experience when I went to a more powerful tank. I had to drop my nicotine down by half. All of those symptoms are Nic-sick symptoms.

Here’s a good article scroll down mid way and there’s a list of symptoms.

When I use an RDA style tank I have to lower the nicotine you are getting more Bc it’s more powerful.

But of course you could very well have come down w/ an illness. I hope you are feeling better soon and figure it out.


I am working with some of the same indicators. SS316 wire on my rda’s and have some testing to do. Following this thread.

You aren’t vaping Koolada are you?


I have the same issue with Koolada :frowning:

Koolada can make you light-headed, nauseous, and cause lung related problems just to name a few. I vaped some awhile back and it made me feel kinda light headed. It has had far worse effects on people here.

Some folks won’t like me saying this but I went back to stock coils because I personally can’t get a clean cotton to wick with that doesn’t “bug” me. I couldn’t stand all the vape goo on my hands from messing with them either. It just didn’t feel right to me. With an RDA there is more flavor but - something wasn’t right. An RDA is a great thing for a lot of people. They chuck clouds like an animal on the right build and they save the most money but if you cant do it, you can’t.

I personally would tell you to go back to stock coils so you don’t start smoking again if you think that is what is doing it.