Been using 100mg/ml nic for so long, I forgot my dilution ratios, please help!

I recently ran out of my 100mg/ml (pg based) nic. My cousin completely quit vaping and gave me 2 quarts of 250mg/ml (pg based). I forgot (please help) how much PG I need to add to the 250mg to dilute it into 100mg and what does 1 ml of 250mg (pg based) weigh before I dilute it into 100mg? Please also show formula if possible. Thanks


Why dilute it? If it were me I’d keep it as is, plug it into the calculator, realizing I’ll be using less than half the amount. Right now it’s perfectly homogenized into 250, if you start diluting I wouldn’t trust it’s as evenly blended together.

That’s my opinion, but good luck.


@big_vape Has covered it: Just change the nicotine concentration in the calculator, if you are used to it. I have to do it for each and every recipe: as the calculator assumes 100mg/ml but in the UK we rely on 72mg/ml.

If you need help with the maths outside of using the calculator, then I can send you my fees for obtaining level 2.


Using this calculator I came up with the amount below.


@JJ_Driller I never tire or answering ANY nicotine questions, as SAFETY is a serious concern. Thanks for asking.

You’ve already received some great thoughts on it, and now I’ll offer mine. Feel free to disregard.

I would absolutely dilute the 250 down to 100. Why ??

  1. Higher concentrations of NIC oxidize much faster than lower concentrations.
  2. 100mg/ml makes for HELLA easy calculations, IMO.

I can only hope you are at least chilling your NIC, or best yet, keeping it in the freezer. If you decide you to agree upon diluting, let me know. I won’t reveal exactly HOW many gallons of NIC I have, but let’s just say, it’s over 2 freezers full, and I only use 100mg/ml, if that sheds any light.


Hella great point! :+1:

And by diluting that 2L diluted down will then be 5L


I do hope you are using an UPS on them… :grin:


@JJ_Driller I couldn’t do this while mobile, but here’s an EXAMPLE of how ti dilute easily by using the ELR calculator. I don’t know what percentage of PG or VG your NIC is, and I also don’t know what size bottle(s) you are putting this into.

I assumed 250mg/ml of 100% PG NIC, and the final bottle size (you just repeat for multiple bottles) is 100ml.


LOL @Ianc13 I WISH I could feed them via a UPS. How about a generator. :slight_smile:

Now look, my burn rates, and “concern” about the ability to buy high quality NIC, AND, price point requirements probably ARE much more extreme than many users here, BUT, history has proven, those who panic, are always the ones who didn’t prepare. Obviously that level of “concern” does come with a higher than average price tag.


Also @JJ_Driller, @big_vape, @Ianc13, I don’t know JJ, and I know NOTHING about his skill level, precautions, or past experience with NIC. Granted 250ml/mg isn’t ANY where as dangerous as 1000ml/mg, BUT, it is getting up in the DANGER ZONE. 100ml/mg is much safer to work with, BUT, even then, if you get enough 100 on your skin, in your eye, or heaven forbid you have pets or children nearby, 100 can CHANGE your life, before you know it.

Lower is safer IMO. I can only hope if JJ hasn’t handled high level NIC before, he asks more questions. I’d be GLAD to help, as I know, they rest of you would as well.


I have one of these, with the solar blanket too.

It will feed through grid electricity and has a sine wave inverter that will run at 2000w for hours with only a couple of freezers. Takes nano seconds to swap over to battery when the power goes out and can use the solar if the power is out for extended periods…

Use it for my 75 litre portable fridge/freezer…


That is a very clean looking setup @Ianc13. I can’t remember how many kVA mines rated at, but it’s a “heavy” load(er). I tell you what though, I LIKE that setup, and for portable-ness, and a Pure sine wave output, it looks JUST like something I might want to pick up.

Thank you for that.


I have a stupid big mixing queue I have to get through, but if I get it done, I’ll find my amp meter, and I’ll see how many amps the medical freezers are pulling, I can’t remember. I wish I had @SmilingOgre over for some beer and BBQ, I know he’s got the meters handy.


I bought a 500 ml of 250 towards the end of my panic nic buying (my liters are all 100mg) but I didn’t know those facts about it oxidizing faster. Can your tell me a little more about diluting down to 100mg? Do I break it down to Boston amber rounds? The dilution ratio? When you have time. Thanks!


@Lynda_Marie I will ALWAYS make time for you.

It’s ALL up to you, how you want, or can store it (space wise), and/or how you use your NIC. I don’t know how fast you use yours (burn rate), so what size bottles are best for you, is up to you. You might fill up two bigger bottles, then the rest in smaller 60ml bottles, but it’s up to you.

I don’t know what your PG % is of your NIC, or desired final ration (PG or VG or both) of the NIC, but assuming you want or use 100% PG 100mg/ml NIC, here’s what it would take to dilute the ENTIRE 500ml batch of your NIC down to 100mg/ml.

Now, in order to do it in ONE shot, you’d need a bigger bottle than 1L.

If you just want to dilute it, and break it down into 60ml working bottles, here you go …

You can see in the above examples (assuming you want 100% PG 100mg/ml NIC, it’s a 40/60 ratio, no matter what size bottle(s) you end up using.


I have long term (deep) storage that goes in my medical freezers, and they’re all 500ml glass bottles, topped off with Argon. Then the ones I have in the other (working) freezer, I break down a 500ml into smaller 120ml/60ml working bottles. Because they’re smaller, and I fully intend to use them up (i.e. working bottles), I don’t bother topping them off with Argon gas.


That’s a meter I don’t have. Might need to snag one in the near future. I’m playing around with generators. I almost lost a grand worth of meat with the last power outage and the outages are happening more frequently. I got a little 2KW generator/inverter for my deep freeze. I’m now looking at rigging my whole house and getting a generator adequate for running it. Big question is what is my draw with normal home usage and air conditioning on. I’ve got a lot to research. I could do anything from a pig tail to a breaker to a full blown Generac system. Something to look into over the next months.


Thank y’all for all the info. Experience wise, I’ve been mixing for at least 7 or 8 years. The problem is my fault. I started with 100mg (pg) and never got away from it. Now to add to my question list and knowledge, what would 1ml of the 250mg (pg) weigh? To answer alot of y’alls questions, yes, I keep all my nic in the freezer, and normally break it down into 100ml bottles for ease of use. The 4 parts nic to 6 parts pg was a GREAT help, as I know exactly what pg weighs, but the 1 part 250mg nic(pg) would help even more, as sometimes I run out of my 100ml storage bottles and have to use a bottle of whatever I have on hand. (Sorry being disabled the Dr’s won’t let me must drive to town to get what I need when I need it) Thank all of y’all ALOT tho!


@JJ_Driller I’ve never weight 1ml of NIC, and I just use the ELR calc @ 1.035g/ml.

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The calculated value of your 250mg/ml nic in PG would be 1.031g/ml.