Beer and flavors

As always, sorry for the grammar, I use the translator …
Another great hobby of mine is beer … Recently, flavors are being incorporated into craft beer, here in Catalonia, Spain … I have friends with a small factory, many times we talk about beer, we try, etc. We talked about one, we tested it, and clearly detected the addition of known aromas … So I told him and I took my arsenal to the factory and we were playing …, and it seems that they will use some for a black beer …
Does anyone know how this topic is in your area? Any comments on this? Let me know your thoughts, thanks


I quite often use FLV lime (3 drops) in a stubby of Corona or similar pale lager/ale. One of the local micro breweries here is using MF Wild Raspberry in one on their beers (the guy that owns the brewery fell in love with one one of my mixes that used MF WR).


Beer is such a versatile drink, the options are limitless. We Belgians cook a lot with beer, that’s no secret. We also have a lot of different fruity beers, beer with nuts, chocolate, coconut, … you think of it and it probably exists.
Also in bars, a lot of people mix beer with coke, lemonade, grenadine, … it’s all good but you won’t know it until you try it. Obviously the character of the beer will have an impact on what it pairs well with so just like e-liquid mixing, you try with a varying success rate. But as long as it’s fun, keep at it :slight_smile:


If you are interested in pairing flavors with beer, you will definitely want to watch some of GrimmGreen’s videos on YouTube.