Before I mix, how do these percentages look?

I thought this would be a good topic for us noobs to get some expert advice.
So far I have had great success mixing with recipes found or suggested on this site! However, I cannot say that the recipes I’ve created myself have gone over so well, of course that is to be expected to some degree. I just want a more experienced mixer to have the opportunity to point out something that may be in their eye obviously wrong.

Nic. 100mg VG. 6%
VG. 76%
Black cherry FW. 3%
Cola FW. 10%
Pear FW. 5%

FW flavours and high VG are what’s probably causing a little flatness in your flavours.

If you’re dripping then try increasing your % of flavours.

Thank you, good to know, PG allergies started this whole diy juice for me. However, discovering that it was the cause allowed be to become a full time vape addict and drop the stinkies all together. I appreciate the input! I do drip, so how much of an increase do you suggest? 10 to 12, 5 to 7, 3 to 5?!? Or even more?

When dripping, you get the most of your flavors - so increasing flavor for dripping is not something I’d do myself :slight_smile: I’d say try your recipe as it is :slight_smile:


Thank you @daath, I have been trying to pay attention to the resource page that you have supplied us with on suggested percentages, which I must say is VERY useful when adapting recipes. Might I suggest another on steep time for different flavors as well? !? I will take your advice and mix it according to my original post.

Some FW flavors are VERY strong, like that Black Cherry. Some are kinda weak and have to use higher percentages, but this is true about MOST vendor’s flavorings. I recommend looking at the information on each flavor before you mix. Click on the link to the flavor you have in your recipe and it will take you to a page listing what others have said about it, what percentage is the average in mixes, and a list of other recipes you can see where it was used.