Begginer RDA Suggestions

I am looking into DIY E liquid, and want an RDA to test flavors and maybe even start using that instead of a tank. I have the Smok Alien 220w mod and would like my RDA to be usable on it, but I am open to new mod ideas as well. I was looking at the Mutation X S V4, but I’m not sure. I am very open to suggestions. TIA!

I would recommend a two post atomizer to start if you aren’t familiar with building. It’s the easiest way to build coils. Less worry about shorts or centering things
Some recommendations would be:

Glacier V2 by Vaperz Cloud
Temple RDA by Vaperz Cloud

Oh, you know, I was trying to think of another option while I was outside vaping… On the other suggestion!

Geek vape Tsunami rda.

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I love my freakshow v2, best flavor, easy to build and has deep juice well to prevent leaking. For beginner builder, any two post w/ dual terminal per post or 3 w/ 2 terminal postive is great. GL to u

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Thanks guys. I watched a video on youtube about building coils today and the guy said that he really likes the 4 post rdas. so when I was looking for some of them, this one really stuck out at me. I think I just really like the look of it. but I can only find it on ebay.


Tsunami 24 is awesome. I wish it would have been my first RDA.

My first RDA was the Peerless by Geek Vape. It was okay, I don’t use it anymore. I do suggest a velocity style deck.

@Cutlass92 suggested the tsunami 24 to me!


It’s a good rda, I’m glad you like it!

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Also, the tsunami 24 fits nicely on the Alien 220. That’s what I put it on first, and it really worked out well.

The only thing I changed about the tsunami was the drip tip. It is a screw in drip til and when it was screwed in tight it protruded into the conical shape on the inside. I sanded the threaded part of the drip til a couple millimeters and it works perfect, and gave me a better experience I feel like.


A velocity plain simple and good as hell with endles airflow configuration. Getting serious about using it al day put it on a squonk mod since it has the option to be a bottom feeder

Dumb question… What is a squonk mod? I’ve been seeing this term in a few discussions, but I have no idea what it is…

instead of dripping into a rda, the atty has a hollow pin that connects to a bottle in the mod that u squeeze to get juice up and into the rda

Ohhhhhh… gotcha!!!