Beginner Aka starter diy mixing products

What site online can I buy for the cheapest. That ship for cheap. Looking for pg vg 12mg nic and a few flavors but for hellllla cheap. I really love Heisenberg and wanna get something started so I can cut cost as I see it as a ripoff having to pay 15.00 a bottle in Thomasville Georgia . Either a site or store I can purchase at would be amazing. Uploading…

If you have patience, most Chinese companies have free shipping and great prices in general (in case you need hardware).
Nic River and Liquid Barn seem to be the places to go to for most DIYers in the US. Perhaps you may find it a bit cheaper elsewhere, but you also want quality products and service, right?
Also check out the resources page on ELR where you may find discount codes (and google around if they’re not listed).

You can easily find Heisenberg oneshots, just add some base liquids (nicotine, VG and PG) and you’re good to go. There are clones but I have no experience, can’t tell how good they are.

I wouldn’t recommend buying any kits. Just look around this site, see what you need for recipes you’re interested in and start by buying those flavors. Start off with small quantities, it’s not because a recipe gets a good rating that you will like it as well and you don’t want to end up with a whole lot of stuff that you’re not going to use anymore.

Get yourself a 0.01g scale and lots of bottles to mix, test your flavors.

Read through the Beginners forum’s pinned posts to get you on track the fastest way (and that way you’ll save yourself a lot of money and trouble too).


Just a little note… make sure you always buy VG and PG separately (as well as your nic, which is best used in PG unless you have a PG sensitivity), much easier to work with than the pre-mixes.
Hellllla cheap… how about 1/10 of the regular price or even less? Then buy quality products from quality stores. If you’re really going to chase the pennies… you’re not going to be very happy with your results.

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Your from my neck of the woods. If your ever up around Macon drop me a line, you can check out my rabbit hole(aka DIY Lab)

I would first recommend looking @ what flavors you might like . Then go from there.

Starter kit are in my opinion a good way to get started as long as you can choose your flavors. Both nicotine river and liquid barn have nice starter kits. I would probably lean towards nicotine rivers starter kit in your case since it offers a broader choice of vendors… both kits you can get with or without 48nic. I would recommend without and order 100nic base separate. Since I assume your Target nic is 12. But first step is research…

Check the vendor flavors out see what you might like then also look at the recipes listed on elr… see what interests you…

Would recommend getting scales either when you start or in the near future

Other items for diy…

Liquid barns kit come with a little hand mixer were nicotine rivers doesn’t…

Here’s a link to a mixer I just got to replace the liquid barn’s Hand mixer

And above all else have fun, research and ask questions… this is a very fun and interesting world your stepping into…