Beginner calculator confusion

Hi all!
Where I’m at: I’ve studied many hours, placed my first order for supplies (outstanding shipping from NicRiver), and I’m starting my first recipe.

I’m using a simple 2 Flavor recipe adapted from Strawberry Cheesecake by Big Tiny. He used MAX VG, I’m using 20/80. I think he used 10 Mg. Nicotine, I’m using 6.

Looks like I still don’t quite understand all the calculator entries. Following is what I’m confused by: (THANK YOU in advance for any help!)

I made my best guess at the entries and got “Something is wrong with the numbers”

My questions are:

  1. Desired Strength: This is for how many Mg./Ml of Nicotine in the finished liquid? Example: 6?

  2. Nicotine Strength: This is where I input the Mg/Ml of my PG based nicotine - which is 100 Mg/Ml – correct?

  3. PG Content of Nicotine: “How much PG is in my nicotine base” – Not sure what it’s asking for.


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  1. Yes.

  2. Yes.

3, is your nic diluted in 100% PG or other…


Thanks TW12 - Yes the Nic. i bought is 100 Mg/Ml in PG

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Dont forget to check the “set these values as default” box above the save button once u get it right.


Will do, thanks.

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That was the calculator asking, not me… You put 100% in that field. And excellent suggestion to save as default if these will be the ratios you use every time.


Thanks, I’ll try to re-enter everything and post back.

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I switched to pg nic 6 mos.after ive been mixing and couldnt find that damn box, constantly changing it manually, thks to whoever showed it to moi.



If your desire is 20/80 then using this recipe you would need a vg base nicotine

Using the pg based nic. 22/78 is the closest you can achieve be sure to check max vg to avoid the error msg

Would sugest ordering nic in a vg base if you prefer a high vg ratio . Since abunch of flavors are pg based

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tartarusspawn - yes, I see it came out 22/78 which is fine for me and Yes, great tip getting VG base for nic. when using high VG recipes. Thanks!

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The majority of my comment is just general observations, and intended for @Perry_Mason.

However, I’m using the following post as a springboard:

Unless the OP has PG sensitivities, there’s more reason to stay with PG based nic IMO.

  • Minimal risk of nicotine hotspots in PG (meaning: an area where the nic remained concentrated in higher than desired amounts) vs VG (where it’s a much thicker liquid, and much harder to shake. The goal of shaking being to try and make sure that the suspended nicotine is evenly distributed within the carrier)

  • there remains a continued discussion that there is frequently a “perceived improvement” in flavor among some, that as you increase PG the flavor is more prominent, and may thereby be able to use less flavor. (This is highly contentious though, and is also likely to be very hardware dependant. YMMV

  • higher PG shouldn’t have to steep as long in many cases. (again, highly contentious. YMMV)

Bottom line, use what you like. Just respect all the “inter-dependant factors”, relative to your situation, and level of experience at the moment.

These things are highly likely to change as your skills/needs/hardware change and progress.

It’s a journey. Not written in stone! :wink:


Hey! don’ tyou go talking somone out of joining the 100VG tribe, @Sprkslfly !
We need alll the converts we can get! :rofl:

Reasons for @Perry_Mason sticking with PG for now:

  • would be a waste of good nic base if he swicthed before he used it all up

counteraguments against your reasons:

  • he can thin the VG down with (food grade) distilled water, until similar consistency to PG/VG mix

  • OK, it possibly still won;t carry the flavour as well as PG does, might need a longer steep But hey! it’s great fun finding a mix that you left in a dark drawer to steep for so long, you clean forgot about it. :christmas_tree::package:

  • oh! and a really serious reason: people usually develop PG allergy (if they do) after vaping PG for several months or years. Increased exposure increases risk. So, If you’d rather not risk developing an allergy , best avoid the stuff in the first place.