Beginner Flavor Help

I’m currently working on a cart from ecigexpress and I was hoping to get a little feedback on what I have so far.
Currently I’m trying to build a well rounded batch of flavorings and this isn’t my first order, in stock I have-
CAP vanilla cupcake, cinnamon coffee cake, cinnamon Danish swirl, double apple, sugar cookie, marshmallow,
FW- Cinnamon roll, graham cracker
TFA- captain cereal, mango, apple pie, caramel, dulce de leche , graham cracker dark (that I haven’t used as I heard after of molasses in it?) maple syrup, Mary Jane (not sure why) cheesecake (w no crust :unamused:) and cinnamon Danish swirl dx

That being said the items in my cart are…
FA- Fuji Apple, cinnamon Ceylon, meringue, cookie, Vienna cream,
TFA- vanilla custard, acetyl pyrazine, vanilla bean ice cream
FW- Bavarian cream
CAP- NY cheesecake
Ethyl Maltol (10%)

And One I wasn’t familiar with is
Jungle Flavors ? Blueberry (the reason why I added was the suggested 2% as it was a reasonable starting point)

The question I have is, does that seem like a good place to start for some flavorful blending? My mixes still need that boost in different directions

Has anyone tried the Jungle Flavors Blueberry?

I’m looking for good dessert blends I’m not heavy on fruity vapes

While I’m shopping any suggestions on a somewhat muffin flavor? Maybe waffles?

I wasn’t sure if this was a beginner or flavors kind of post hopefully its in the right section

Also my reason for posting this is because if I had posted my original order I may have been turned away to some of my choices.
The big bottle of cheesecake I have is disappointing to see, I haven’t found anything I care for with it

CAP wasn’t in stock for blueberry and neither was Cream Cheese Icing
And trying to find the popular cream flavors which I think could help my mixes

If it’s in stock, FA Cream Fresh is a good one to have. I like catalan cream FA also. It’s a little more of a spicy cream. TPA’s regular waffle is kinda meh but the Belgian Waffle is really good. I haven’t tried Cap’s blueberry or Jungle Flavors. I don’t like many of Cap’s fruits. TPAs blueberry is what I use right now and I like it. I have FW blueberry and it’s not good. I’ve heard TPA Blueberry Wild, while not very strong, is a great blueberry flavor.

I know you said you aren’t into fruits, but have you considered something like banana or strawberry? Those two can go really great with other desert type flavors. I absolutely adore TPA Banana bread. Do you like nuts? TPA’s peanut butter is really yummy. A good hazelnut is a good thing to keep on hand as it can do really great things without being too overwhelmingly nutty. You might think about FA Madagascar Vanilla or Vanilla Bourbon to give that extra little vanilla touch.

Ok, I’ll stop now. Based on the stuff you said you liked, your list looks pretty good. You look like you’ve covered all the bases! Except EM…ditch that and get marshmallow instead for sweetening. EM mutes flavors, especially over time and in higher doses. Unless that is what you’re going for.

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Ok so I’m gonna add fresh cream FA, and probably try the Madagascar, I’ve heard the CAP blueberry was popular also I felt like i was getting the notion to try and avoid some TPA over other brands
Haven’t been into strawberry but have been debating the banana bread, also a big fan of boss reserve which also has some banana going
With fruit I’m liking the cereal vapes but haven’t found a popular enough recipe
I do have CAP marshmallow but would you say try TPA for that too? The reason why I added was a sugar bear clone on here that I made w 1% marshmallow but seemed to still not have that sweetness I was looking for, I originally ordered the marshmallow w the intentions of also using it for a sweetener
Who’s hazelnut would you suggest if any, and almonds are a nice touch anything decent in the almond category?

Adding the FA Madagascar and fresh cream, and Trying TPA belgian waffles and blueberry wild w this jungle blueberry for now

Sounds good. For the most part, FA and Inawera seem to have the highest quality and concentration, therefore best bang for your buck, but I wouldn’t avoid others just for that reason. It may take some experimenting to find the mfg you like for certain flavors. Tpa has some I just won’t go without. As does Cap…namely coconut.

I have TPA hazelnut and like it, but I think I’ve heard people prefer FW. I don’t have or use anything almond so I can’t help with that. As long as you’re aware of what EM can do, you’re fine using it. I would recommend only using small doses and batches at first. Maybe make two batches of the same recipe and let one sit so you can see how it ages. Good luck and welcome to the madhouse. :wink:

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I will not be without from TFA/TPA

Caramel (Original)
French Vanilla Cream
Banana Cream
Strawberry (Ripe)
Blueberry (Wild) and (Extra)
Peanut Butter

I will not be without from Flavor West

Butter Pecan
Blackberry Natural
Kahlua & Cream
Bavarian Cream
Vanilla Bean Ice Cream
Vanilla Cup Cake
Grape (Natural) seems very promising, have not blended with it yet

Maybe this will help


Would you say FW vanilla ice cream over TFA or ?.. The butter pecan and butterscotch sound good though may have to add some of the TFA you mentioned as well

So… FW Hazelnut butter pecan, and possibly van ice cream, and butterscotch

I’ve never tried a peanut butter cape but I never expected to like custards when I started… And def not cheesecakes so I may have to check some recipes w the TFA peanut butter

Never tried TFA V Ice Cream. Just know I like FW’s version. FW butterscotch just may be the best available. The only problem with using flavor companies other than TFA is there are not as many recipes. Most people use TFA flavors which means there will be many more recipes using their flavors. Sad thing is that not all TFA flavors are good. No flavor company has 100% good flavors. Some of these recipes using TFA could be even better with a little consideration to the best tasting flavors rather than the most popular or least expensive…


Thanks everyone for the feedback so far, ill be updating the cart and putting my order in Monday

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Missed the hazelnut somehow but as always will be ordering more soon
Added a few to my original list think I’ve got 13 new flavors I believe plus the EM and AP

Very good responses here! I was just considering posting a similar topic. I have been mixing nearly a month now. I have already restocked a few flavors and am currently vaping my first recipe that I made all on my own. It is a work in progress, but the variations have yeilded some good results so far.

So I am ready to venture out and try some other simple combinations. I have taken all the suggestions here and added to my carts on Wizard Labs and Ecig Express. Can you guys look at [My Stash][1] and suggest things I might want to try? I think I need some cinnamon flavors and some pumpkin spice type flavors. I also would really like to try some coffee flavors. I also need a good peach flavor. I know, I am all over the place!

I like just about all flavors, but I like my vapes kind of sweet like Unicorn Milk level (one of my favs). I just polished off a bottle of Mayflower by Charlie Noble. It tastes like a pumpkin pie with a cinnamon graham cracker crust. Nice spicy throat hit and strong pumkin flavor. Very yummy and I wish my Grandmother made pumpkin pies that good! :blush:

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

Ordered from ecigexpress grabbed Banana cream and butterscotch.
Did not see TFA BB wild or extra, or the FW vanilla bean ice cream, they did have Tfa blueberry, and FW vanilla ice cream
I did change my blueberry to FW as it had all good reviews so hopefully ill have a good experience

Surprised no TFA BB wild or Extra. FW Blueberry is more like BB Gummi Candy. It’s OK.
I’m sure Vanilla Ice Cream would be the same thing cause FW website shows no Vanilla Ice Cream.
Enjoy your new flavors. I wish you many happy blends…

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IMHO, one of the best cheesecakes out there is New York Cheesecake (CAP) and also Cheesecake (Lor Ann).
I like Sweet Cream from both CAP and TPA. The version 2 and DX versions are OK, but steep times are increased. If you like Custard’s, Vanilla Custard V1 from CAP is hard to beat. Not a big fan of TPA’s offering. FA’s Custard is good, but has no vanilla notes in it, and is a great mixer if you want a vanilla free custard. I like to add some citrus to my custards, Mandarin Orange TPA is good, as is FA’s offering. The best…I MEAN the absolute BEST lemon flavor out there is Fruit Express (Flavor Express) from ECX. After that, the Sicilian offerings from both CAP and FA are pretty good. Vanilla Swirl TPA is a good A/AP free cream mixer. I also like Malted Milk and Dairy Milk from TPA. I usually mix them at equal ratio’s of 2% each along with some Sweet Cream at 3-5% for a super creamy vape. Steep steep and steep is the game with creams and custards. Custards don’t even start to shine until after 30 days of steeping. IMHO
There are so many GOOD flavors out there that stand on their own merits. The difficulty I think is learning how to use them in a mix. It takes time, patience and testing…Testing…more testing and then you test some more. LOL

Most important is to ENJOY!


Damn I was hoping with the reviews it would be a better blueberry flavor than a candy blueberry, I’ll check wizard labs for the TFA wild and extra. I wasn’t sure about the Ice cream if it was the same flavor or not, with so many flavors available I’ve got some work to do.
I’ve already started my next list, I added crunch berries to this order will be adding fruit circles to the next, want to find a nice berry cereal vape, so imagine a good blueberry would help get the right berry and milk mix
Thanks for the feedback and the reviews on the flavors! @ringling @bradslinux @JoJo


FW Capt Crunch Berries is excellent. Never tried fruit circles, you’re on your own there…


Why is it EVERY single time I need to order a specific flavor that flavor is out of stock!!! This is beginning to really drive me nuts. Every single flavor order I have placed has been put on hold waiting for a certain flavor or two to come in. If I just go to Wizard to order random flavors no problem. But as soon as I actually need something and I go to add it to my list it is out of stock. I have 10 flavors in my cart. I just mixed up 250ml of a recipe putting me low on a couple ingreduents. I go to add them to my cart… both are out of stock. Grrrr!!! :angry::angry::angry::angry:

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I have the very same issue sometimes. I’ve learned to order larger quantities of the flavors I use most. It’s definitely a challenge and a learning curve. Been doing this for years and still learn new things all the time. :wink:

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I have stopped buying anything smaller than 4oz. I was buying 30ml flavors, that way I would have a bottle to keep in my rack. But instead I have 30ml empty bottles I just bought for putting my flavors in. The 4oz go in the cIoset and I just refill the 30ml bottles in my racks. I am actually OK. I still have15ml of one flavor and 50ml of the other. I was just trying to stay ahead. But I am not joking when I say that every time I have needed something I can’t get it.

There’s more than one site to order from shop around you’ll probably need 2 or 3 carts going to not miss out, depending how badly you need it you can go straight to the manufacture site they should have in stock. DIY is growing rapidly so you have to imagine how people are looking for those clone recipes and working orders from there. The list of flavor combinations never end and its always fun to come up with new recipes. If your stash is listing what you actually have at home than you should be able to make up some delicious juice blends. One thing I’ve been focusing on is the flavors I have that ARE NOT already listed on what can I make? Then any good recipes I make may help someone else who only has a few bottles from TFA and CAP or something along them lines.