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How do I make a base for single flavors including 12mg nicotine 100% VG
U can call me so we can talk 985.869.6040

Hi everyone… I am Shayla and I am completely new to all of this… I don’t know the first place to even begin… I sure would appreciate it if someone could take me under their wing and teach me what i need to know about how to create my own liquids. The equipment I need… Where to begin… You can either contact me through here, my email or my facebook account Angi Davis (there is an icon of my daughter with a slug on her nose)… Thank you so very much for any help I can get… thank you so very much.



Ok well I am almost out of my wizard labs nic, what is the best nic out therefor DIY

You might have to jump out of this pinned post to get answers. Start a new topic or look for other topics with “nicotine” in the thread. I invited you to one such thread. Good luck @HiramKunz!

PS- I use Vaperstek Nic, good stuff!

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