Beginners nic % question

Hi all. Any help here, to assist my monkey brain, would be much appreciated.

So, say I was making a 100ml bottle of ejuice and wanted it to end up 5% nic.

Ive been told my 100ml Unflavoured PG Nic Salt bottle is essentially 10% nic (and presumably 90% PH). So half (50ml) of the end ejuice mix would need to be the Unflavoured 100ml Nic salt, which would then be mixed with rest of the ejuice mix to get to 5% strength, essentially diluting the 10% nic salt in half?

The recipes / calculators I’ve seen would suggest that I’d only need 5ml of the Unflavoured nic salt. But wouldnt that result in 0.5% nic strength? Where has my maths gone wrong ?

Thanks, Dan


Yup, that’s right.

Dunno, but it’s what/how you’re entering it into the calculator.

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Firstly, welcome @Dan118. Secondly, I mix with freebase and created my own xls calculator so I’m not familiar with base that already has nicotine in it but yes, I think your reasoning is correct.

To my way of thinking, if you add 50mls of unflavored that already has 10% nicotine in it and add 50mls of plain PG (or VG or whatever) to that then you would have 100mls at 5%. You would have effectively cut the nicotine strength in half as you say. Not sure if you’ve inputted correctly into the calculator or not but as I said, I think your initial reasoning is correct.

Back in the day when I first started out I used to order a 30ml bottle of pre-made (flavour boosted) juice at 24mg (from Vista Vapors) and simply decanted into 2 equal 15ml portions and then added another 15mls of PG/VG to each one to get down to my desired 12mg strength. So to answer your question, not sure why the recipes/calculators are telling you what they’re telling you. Maybe someone else can chime in? Cheers.


Welcome to ELR @Dan118, are you trying to make a mix with 5% pure Nicotine or a mix with 5mg Nicotine?
We generally mix using MG strength and that’s how commercial juice is also labeled / sold. The calculator will do the math for you, here’s an example using 100mg Nic base…


Right. OK. So does this recipe result in 0.5%. Nicotine strength. ? Thanks.

FYI. I’m actually looking to make a mix at 2% / 20mg for my xros pod. Was just using 5% in my example.



Correct. 5% nicotine in a 100mm mix.
Rocky is showing you a mix for a 70VG/30PG mix. The calculator can be adjusted for percentage mix. Not familiar with your pod but low power pods are mix at 50VG/50PG.
I suggest you go to the other side of ELR and get familiar with the calculator. Learn how you enter your nicotine (100mg/ml) and the percentage of the mix you wish to make. Play with it . You can’t break anything. Good mixing and welcome.


Just enter the desired strength in the calculator (forget about percentages) go by MG strength like Everybody else, the calculator will do ALL the math…


Welcome to ELR @Dan118. You’re lucky because 100mg NIC (my preferred NIC), makes it VERY easy.

@Rocky02852’s right, enter the numbers, and let the calc do the rest. Rock, I already made these pics but you beat me to it, hehe.


Great. I got it. Thanks for help guys. Much appreciated.



Welcome and glad you joined.


5% im sure u were told by now is 50mg, once you add all that nic,if its no VG based salt nic the pg level can sometimes go over your mark of 50/50 vg to pg ratio cuz the flavorings are also in PG.I found it easier mixing 25mg first and was plenty strong in my pods which is about 7grms give or take on my lil scale if your mixing by weight but make sure to use Elr or Atf calculator to get your viscosity the way u want,i like mine at 60/40 20mg for 15W. Pod system.Are you mixing by Volume or Weight? The calc will give you the mls and grams right nxt to it