Best 18mm mod with pw adjustment

got a innokin enduro t20 and unit is wonderful. Sometimes i like to get more power to vape but don’t want the big box mod to satisfy. So my delima is weather to get more power versus different heat element, because the 18mm mods always come with there own “special” coils not standard heating coils with diff resistance?

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You don’t need a “big box” to get a powerful vape. But that Endura is a pen-style. With a 1500mAh battery, that mod wouldn’t last more than an hour for some of us.
My suggestion…look around for some single 21700 battery mods. Small, ergonomic, they can pack a punch. And you’re not tied down to a certain atomizer.


if you like the pen style mods , there is one by Uwell called the nunchaku its on sale at freedom smoke

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