Best 2 ingredient Recipes

So i’m Just starting (and really enjoying) my mixing forays but it would be really good for me to have some success to keep my motivation going. - I’ve already posted an attempt at a simple cake recipe but I’d really appreciate it if anyone could link me some solid 2 ingredient recipes that will give me the confidence and momentum to keep experimenting.

thanks :slight_smile:



I liked this one so much after a 20ml tester I made a 220ml batch:

Marshmallow Vanilla Swirl
5.00% Toasted Marshmallow (FW)
5.00% Vanilla Swirl (TFA)

I think I found the recipe on another forum and it called for a non toasted marshmallow but this was all I had on hand and it is great.


Here is a great quick-start for you…


If you’re into straight fruits, my husband and I have both been liking this. It’s a lighter flavor, but pretty tasty.


Cherimoya Custard

Ingredient %
Cherimoya YC (INAWERA) 8
Vanilla Custard v1 (CAP) 5

Flavor total: 13%

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Hi thanks for the helpful replies.

I think in my aims to cover as many possibilities my choice of flavours purchased have been too non specific., so I suppose I’ll have to make an order for a few more ingredients.

Thanks for the links and recipes I’ll try them all once I have the required concentrates.


Have you mixed that one? I think it was a Darth recipie. I looked at it yesturday and was like huh???8% on inw???really. Hmmm. I plan to mix tomorrow but I think I’m used FA custard and dropped the percent down to like 4 or 5. But really wonder if I should go for the 8%.


Cosmic Coconut Pineapple ©

Ingredient %
Liquid Stevia (Pyure) 0.2
Pineapple (TPA) 8
Sweet Coconut (Flavorah) 5

Flavor total: 13.2%

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Show us your stash

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No that’s @Josephine_van_Rijn’s recipe but it sparked my Cherilada recipe because it was the first cherimoya recipe I made, thanks to my gal Jose.
8% on cherimoya isn’t high at all for that recipe and it is a surprisingly weak flavor for inw. If I am making a cherimoya mix, I start at 5% minimum because it takes a lot :wink:


Cool beans. I’ll trust the masters :thinking: I could really remember the 15 recipies I looked at to adapt for tomorrow’s mix session.


I’m honoured :grin:

What he says :wink:


I am enjoying Citrus Mix (FA) at the moment and think it goes really well with Lemonade (Flavorah) and my current favourite mixing it with Atmos Lab Ouzo. I realise Atmos Lab aren’t readily available to everyone, so Anise (FA) may be an alternative if you like a Fruity strong flavoured aniseed type lip smacking 2 flavour mix

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Here’s a little beudy I’ve found recently on that French clone site…

Monkey Snack (orig by Ripe Vapes)
Banana cream (tpa) 2.75%
Peanut butter (tpa) 4%

These 2 flavors play off each other wonderfully …great Vape!


Just got a 60ml bottle of the Anise (FA) , yeah what was I thinking! Thank you for that tip , perfect timing!


Cinnamon Danish Swirl ( and other similar flavors of Cinnamon pastry ) goes well with a touch Anise , about .25% FA Anise.


TFA Apple Pie and FA Marzipan is a sick combo.


Ever since I started stalking your recipes I have been on a buying spree ! Thank you for sharing!:yum:


@Alcheval, i enjoy 2-flavor mixes with Vanilla (bean) ice cream and one of many fruits - usually 6% each (or 8% if i’m in the mode for bigger flavor hit) - final target is a 30/70 PG/VG 3mg

i call it Fruit VIce (check my recipes for some examples), so i would do “Mango VIce”, “Orange VIce”, “Strawberry VIce” and so on. one of these will always be in my daily rotation - you can keep alternating the fruity side - i also did pineapple, blueberry, caramel, lemon … with very satisfying results. gives me confidence that i can mix :slight_smile:

i have VBIC from TPA and VIC from HiLIQ, i keep using one or the other. you can add a hint of sweetener or cooler (any brand you prefer) also as/when/if you like.

I like the simplicity and results of this simple concept and can play around with it a lot (more fruity, less ice cream…etc)
example: Orange 6% + Vanilla Ice Cream 6%
thing is, from my limited experience, any mix with Vanilla Ice Cream needs min 2 weeks to really develop - my mixes with VIC always turn goldish when they’re ready

other 2 flavor mixes i tried are: Strawberry + Banana, Kiwi + Lemon, Mint + Lemon, Grape + Peach, and an interesting one that’s currently steeping is Honey + Yogurt [adding couple more with my new DIY Ginger flavor: Ginger + Pineapple, Ginger + Lemon]

again ratios can be whatever you decide for the top flavor vs supporting flavor or equal… and really depends on your taste and which brand flavor you have. some testing needed here… easy to do is, mix a 10% sample of a single flavor, then combine 2 of these together (gives you a new mix with 5% of each flavor) - “vape test” it then refine from there up or down for one or the other until you estimate the best %

enjoy your mixes and pls share back your findings


thanks for all the helpful replies in this thread, I’ll be posting soon with some of my findings and some of your own suggested recipes to try.

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Ok. Kiwi and lemon? Which brand an ratio/percentage? What does lemon do to the flavor profile of kiwi?