Best and most consistent User recipies

Just looking to see who is most revered here with the recipies. If you have a favorite user, please post it here.


This thread has a ton of outstanding recipes! There’s also a European version of this as well. Check it out and be amazed!

Damn I didnt see this ( I generally stay away from giveaways, because unlucky.)

Thanks for this. =)

Although these are TPA based. I am looking for any/all flavorings in the best recipies from users here. I’m not 100% pro TPA but I do like some of their stuffs.

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That list you are asking for can get rather long because so many people have such different tastes. Milky, creamy, fruity, chocolates, bakery, tobacco. …the list goes on. … and everyone favors a different style. …that list can be nothing but unfair.

Just looking for peoples opinions. Categories really don’t apply here. I’m looking for consistency here.

You can certainly glean from those recipes which ones sound good and substitute other vendor flavors for TPA. I have done exactly that for many of my creations in which I didn’t have this or that particular vendors flavor.

I do understand your original post and that’d be cool if a few of the members here got a chance to shine!

I’m not a strawberry person, but I’ve heard that @Ken_O_Where has one that’s kick butt!


Yes @Jimk these are the kind of replies I am looking for!

Hopefully we can keep this going …

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Sadly i have tried few recipes made by others but that is changing. There are quite a few forum regulars mixing up some great sounding mixes, so many i want to try… Id mention names but would surely forget some.

G Vanilla Custardy 1&2 are both excellent custard vapes made by @daath

Id say the person making the most unique and creative vapes is @Jimk
Just look at some of the ingredients he uses, very bold. He did get me into a little bit of trouble as i had to spend double my vape budget this month so i could try some of his recipes. Totally worth the 4 hours working in the yard, cant wait till the stuff arrives.

Im pretty sure @Amy2 and @Alisa own ALL the flavorings :smile: , @NewDrip and @JoJo are fairly new to mxing and both are making some excellent looking recipes.

So many people making fantastic, tasty premium ejuice. Makes me wish i had more flavorings but i have too many already.

Maybe we should have a monthly “Vote for your favorite recipe” thread. Might be kind of fun and would help highlight your favorite mixers.


Is that @Ken_O_Where recipe? I thought that was Bears Juice… :flushed: I’m only joking Ken, but he did jump your claim.

This all sounds good. I don’t even consider myself as good yet, but this will go a long way to help find good mixers to follow and getting my hands on some recipes.


Seems Bear reads the forum posts, no more public recipes.

Hope you didnt take offense, Bear. My only beef was was the original posts werent getting all the feedback they should because of all the added, duplicate, recipes. I just pointed you out as a quick example, a lot of people dupe recipes instead of using the comment section which is a disservice to everyone.

ND, that koolada tip was flippin brilliant. And that Yellow Sunrise sounds awesome, got some of the flavorings on my list. Just waiting for Bull City to get in a flavorings so i can order.

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With Yellow Sunrise I was going for more of the Lemon Heads candy flavor, but the revised version, Foreplay by Gmix is my new ADV. It’s really delish. I know you are a custard fan so if you put that custard twist on it let me know.


Looks good, and i actually planned on adding some custard after trying it as is, hehe. I have 5 mechs with 5 PV 1.5’s in front of me, all of them have some kind of custard vape. I really need to branch out again.

Ive been waiting for BCV to get INW Biscuit in so i can get this order going. Cant wait to try that in my Nanner Puddin recipe.

Do you have any flavor separation with these flavorings? I loved Lemon Drop candies as a kid so i bought some LD flavored ejuice from a couple vendors, all of them separated quickly. It is the reason i have never worked with any lemon flavorings. The LD i got from MBV was delicious but it separated so quickly i had to shake my tank if it sat for a few minutes, it was a pain in the butt to vape so i dumped it.


I always shake the bottle before I drip or tank , but I haven’t notice any separation or flavor drop from either.

Thanks for the info. Lemon custard., MMmmMM!


@Ken_O_Where, If you like a lemon custard flavor, you really need to try the FA Pandoro and throw some FA Vanilla Custard in there to boot. I have a recipe that tasted just like my grandmothers lemon sheet cake /w lemon icing on top! So good!

I just know the FA Vanilla custard has a really up front lemon zest quality in it.


The person I’ve learnt most about flavourings from is without a doubt ‘HeadInClouds’ - he’s not a member here tho’ you’ll find plenty of his recipes (just search for HIC!). I’ve spent hundreds of hours reading his comments elsewhere and still marvel at his knowledge.

And botboy141 (mostly on Reddit) is another who’s learning and experience I value highly.


Thanks for the replies guys. I will surely look into some of the peeps you have mentioned.