Best and worse case scenarios for FDA's new action plan (mid November)

What Actions Could The FDA Take Against Vaping (And JUUL)?


Boy this article is long winded (and that’s coming from ME lol).

Not to mention, chock full of a metric ton of fluff ("what if’s, maybe’s, could happen’s, etc). Not much substance. And all premature guesses.

Reading that was like watching a bad TV preacher at 3am on some obscure no name channel…


Thank you @InspectorVape

Roger that @Sprkslfly


It’s all good. :slight_smile:

One thing we vaping ex-smokers have on our side, compared to other potentially harmful age-limited or restricted products like cigarettes, alcohol, prescription MEDs fire arms etc. is technology.

Hopefully the top big 5 get together and develop some kind of chip, like an I-pass for the Vape devices Swipe your ID and off you go vapeing…

End of fear-of-the-newest-fad and of underage use.

However even then I’m sure someone would say it’s not enough and demand Retna eye scanning devices. :crazy_face:


Or even better blood tests have to wait 3 days to buy your vape


It’s a speculative article on what could happen I thought the title eluded to that (best and worse case scenarios) sorry about that



It was a nice read… thank you!

It was clean and well thought out for a speculative article.

But for the sake of reason.

I just can’t imagine a ban on DIY’s flavorings, maybe e-cig stuff made buy manufacturers but but not a Flavors Ban for DIY’ers!

The Flavor, Fragrance, Food and Cosmetic industries all use some of the very same things we use to flavor our e-juice. (Edit: Not all just… likewise) It probably has to be the biggest combined conglomeration known to mankind. Practically everything we consume is touched by it in one way or another. Like they are a country by themselves .

Im sure the FDA is well aware that if they ban flavoring for DIY’s That they will probably have 1000’s cases per day of people admitted for trying to use stuff in their kitchen spice cabinet.

Also they just can’t ban Paris Hiltons purfume Ingredients. What kind of sicko’s are they? :rofl:


Yes Blood tests for sure mandatory… By hot nurses! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

For goodness sakes its a FAD, don’t you know how dangerous a FAD is to a society?

The next thing you know all the young adults will have hair down to their hips and wearing tie-dyed clothing!

We need to stop this now!

Blood tests this way…

Holy shit you really are a disciple if 1984ish government control. WOW, sorry I hope NOT


How about they just take a long walk on a short pier. I am an adult fully capable of making my own choices good or bad - the save the children BS is just an excuse (one they always use) to protect their own interests.

This rubbish will have a ripple effect around the world.


They should be happy that there is no second hand vapor. Or we don’t get 3000 plus chemicals just to get the nicotine fix.


If they stop Ill be so disappointed… I was really looking forward to having a pay-per-puff account one day. :rofl:


Yeah, but have you ever watched

…on drugs??


No no… No need to be sorry!
I wasn’t being critical of you (or the fact that you posted it). Was just expecting more… And when it kept going on and on, I just kind of finally went “I’m really not getting anything useful” out of it.

It started off well enough. chuckles


I’m going to take the 5th.
Along with a blue one, and the yellow one with the red dot. :rofl:


Nope just saying if some dooms day “scenario” starts, their are ways to side step and squash it… re:vaping.

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I completely agree with you @Freddie3


The only way to watch that shit :rofl:

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