Best banana flavor?

Who make the best banana flavor?

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I like Banana Cream TFA. Delosi brand Banana is good as well…


If you want REAL Banana then Medicine Flower.

If you want candy runts like Banana then i am partial to Lorann Banana Cream.

Keep in mind that there is no single best, taste is very subjective and each companies is just a little bit different.

Have to go with Banana Cream (Colorless) (LA). No food coloring. I like to mix it at a 5 or 6:1 with Ripe Banana (TPA), it adds some sweetness and closer to real banana. IMO. I have yet to try Medicine Flower (Lotus @ ECX)…still trying to get over the sticker shock.

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Ripe Banana (TPA), but it doesn’t play well with some flavors and eats plastic. Must mean it’s good, eh? :stuck_out_tongue:


I also like TPA Ripe Banana, but it tends to want to steal the show at the party, start off with it in the low percentages… about 2% if mixing it with other things.

Flavorah makes a pretty good banana too give it a few days and it settles really nicely into a great banana.

Banana is the Devil’s fruit and there is no such thing as a best banana. Vile things :grinning:

But your avatar is a B and is the color of a banana :smiley: