Best Cappella and TFA Flavors?

We are looking to add 100 Flavor Concentrates to our site from CAP and TFA.

Which is everyones favorite flavors that we should add?

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You’ve can look at this on the recpie side. Asking for 100 would take a lot of work

Just search for cap or tpa. Then sort for most recipies or something to that effect an voila. I know it can been done because that is what I did to round out my last flavor order…just picked the most popular.

Otherwise I charge companies by the hour. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::banana:




These are the most used flavorings, on the recipe site, from each company.



You are the MAN! Thank you!!


Thanks Ken!


We are looking to add several hundred flavor concentrates to our site, but for us to start out, we thought 100 would work. What would you guys recommend… 50 CAP, 50 TFA, or 100 from one single vendor?

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If i were to be doing what you are doing i would look at these two threads:

I would make sure that i stocked those flavors as well as a few others from each company. Will you be rebottling? If so 5/10/15/30/120ml is a nice selection. I oft grab 5mls of things i havent tried but would also purchase if there were only 10ml and up.

Cap flavors i never run out of,

Vanilla Custard V1
Sweet Strawberry
Sugar cookie
Butter Cream
NY Cheesecake
Cinnamon Danish Swirl
Golden Butter
Blueberry Extra

TPA i never run out of,

Sweet Cream
Strawberry Ripe
Juicy Peach
Cotton Candy
Grape Juice/Candy
Graham Cracker (Clear)
Toasted Marshmallow

I use flavorings from a lot of different companies, as many of us do. Some of my other favorite flavoring companies are, Real Flavors (The Super Concentrate line), Liquid Barn (The creams, WOW), Lorann (colorless versions) Flavorah, FlavourArt and Inawera.

The list were just some that popped into my gray matter, hope it helps. The really great info is in those two threads. The fella did a breakdown of all the top mixes and he did a wonderful job.


Ken - This is a HUGE help!

We were thinking of rebottling in 15mL, 2oz, and 4oz. I am going to look into getting smaller sizes right now. We want to rebottle so we can offer the 15mL for the same prices everyone is for the 10mL. Hopefully we can work something out with 5mL bottles, but alot of the cost of the flavoring in those sizes, is the bottles cost.


Thanks to EVERYONE that has offered help to us!!

Once we get these instock and added, we will be giving ELR a coupon code for all of our new flavor concentrates!


Have you considered getting some from Real Flavors, You can contact @Walt_RealFlavors Here.


I am going to look into Real Flavors right now. We might have to give them a try! Thanks GPC!


where do you get the ml testers ???

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GremlinDIY, perfect size to try something.


I would consider 1oz or 30ml sizes also. That is the average that a lot of us smaller mixers buy at a time.


Brown Sugar
Bavarian Cream
Coconut Candy
Banana Cream
Vanilla Bean Ice Cream
French Vanilla Deluxe
Vanilla Bourbon
Orange Cream
Toasted Almond


Vanilla Whipped Cream
Butter Cream
Vanilla Custard V1
Vanilla Cupcake
Sweet Tangerine
Sugar Cookie

Real Flavors Super Concentrates

Bread Pudding
Cinnamon Custard
Condensed Milk
Cream Soda

Flavour Art

Vienna Cream
Lime Tahity Cold Pressed
Lemon Sicily

Flavor West:

Butter Pecan
Butterscotch Ripple
Caramel Candy
Cinnamon Roll
Salted Caramel


Only VG for that one. :frowning:

For RF id also add in:

Cream Soda
Oatmeal Cookie
Peanut Butter

Id probably have a larger list if i wasnt so dern lazy… So many more to test.

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Rf I would add (if someone hasnt already)


Strawberry Kiwi


@LiquidNicotineW Well here’s why I spend time talking with my vendors and getting to know them.

Perfumer’s Apprentice

3:23 PM (2 hours ago)

to me

Here’s a response to an email I sent asking for the most popular flavors from TPA Hope this helps. I realize it’s not strictly vaping but should give you a pretty good idea what sells and what doesn’t

Sure, here’s an ordered list of the top selling flavors overall! Note that this is not broken down by purpose (wholesale vs retail, food vs. eliquid, etc).

Strawberry (Ripe) Flavor
Strawberry Flavor
Vanilla Bean Ice Cream Flavor
RY4 Double Flavor
Cheesecake (Graham Crust)
Vanilla Custard Flavor
Sweet Cream Flavor
Watermelon Flavor
Bavarian Cream Flavor
Peach (Juicy) Flavor
Raspberry (Sweet) Flavor
Blueberry (Wild) Flavor
Marshmallow Flavor
Berry Cereal Flavor
Vanilla Swirl Flavor
Dairy/Milk Flavor
Dragonfruit Flavor
Cotton Candy Flavor
Blueberry Flavor (Extra)
Mango Flavor
Fruit Circles Flavor
Banana Cream Flavor
Kiwi (Double) Flavor
DX Bavarian Cream
Koolada 10 PG
Cantaloupe Flavor
Watermelon Candy Flavor
DX Sweet Cream Flavor
Western Flavor
Sour Flavor
Caramel (Original) Flavor
Whipped Cream Flavor
French Vanilla Deluxe Flavor
Apple Flavor
Double Chocolate (Clear) Flavor
Graham Cracker Clear
Bubblegum Flavor
Green Apple Flavor
Pomegranate Flavor
Black Currant Flavor
Pina Colada Flavor
Menthol Liquid (PG)
Swedish Gummy Flavor
Acetyl Pyrazine 5 PG
Blackberry Flavor
Blueberry Candy Flavor (PG)
French Vanilla Creme
Pomegranate Deluxe
Peanut Butter Flavor
French Vanilla Flavor
Peach Flavor
Papaya Flavor
Hazelnut Flavor
Brown Sugar Flavor
DX Banana Cream
DX Peach (Juicy) Flavor
Vanilla Cupcake
Grape Candy Flavor
Pear Flavor
Smooth Flavor
Vanillin 10 (PG)
Apple Pie Flavor
Banana Nut Bread Flavor
Rice Crunchies Flavor
Strawberries and Cream Flavor
Vanilla Bean Gelato Flavor
Energy Drink Flavor
Caramel Candy Flavor
Frosted Donut Flavor
Coconut Flavor
Nectarine Flavor
Orange Mandarin Flavor
Sweet and Tart Flavor
Rainbow Sherbet Flavor
Philippine Mango Flavor
Lucky Leprechaun Cereal Flavor
Apricot Flavor
Greek Yogurt Flavor
Malted Milk (Conc)
Black Cherry Flavor
Pineapple Juicy Flavor
Toasted Almond Flavor
Milk Chocolate Flavor
Toasted Marshmallow Flavor
DX Caramel Original
Honeydew II Flavor
Lemon II Flavor
Cinnamon Sugar Cookie
DX Hazelnut Flavor
Cinnamon Danish Flavor
DX Peanut Butter Flavor
Pie Crust Flavor
Waffle (Belgian) Flavor
DX Vanilla Cupcake
Meringue Flavor
Black Honey Flavor
Butterscotch Flavor
Champagne Type Flavor (PG)
White Chocolate Flavor


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& The Flavor Apprentice
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(831) 704-7342


Thanks Jedi!!!

That seriously helps so MUCH!!!

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