Best chocolate concentrate?

Hi! Can anyone recommend the best chocolate flavoured concentrate? I have double chocolate and chocolate custard by TFA and VW but both have a chemical aftertaste and don’t taste like chocolate at all. Would even love to make a single flavoured liquid of just milk chocolate!Anyone have any recommendations for a concentrate that DOES taste like milk chocolate?Thanks :smiley:


I have 4 words for you…

Medicine Flower Dark Chocolate



You can get some chocolate that can be used as a addition to milk shakes, ice creams etc. But all these chocolate flavors are mostly cocoa and making a simple chocolate candy bar is impossible imo.

Especially milk chocolate since most concentrates as mentioned only focus on cocoa, baking chocolate (dark/bitter/semi etc.) You will have to work with a lot of additives and chocolates to get it tasting somewhat acceptable.


Best flavor for chocolate?

Check into flavorah…

white chocolate
chocolate deutsche
milk chocolate <taste like real milk chocolate use at .4-.6%

Additives for chocolates:
Acetyl Prazine

i’d suggest to pick up some beer nuts too… use low .12% up to .2% for a pretzel type taste.

with these 3 you can create almost any chocolate ejuice you can think of… keep them low, take notes. :slight_smile:


MF dark chocolate …

i did like the old formula inw had and still have some left thanks to @woftam , but if you want a true chocolate taste Medicine flower is the winner …


I keep seeing MF, but there’s another one. Check Jungle Flavors.

Didn’t Pro_Vapes have a great stone for a good chocolate with MF?


He does but I’m not going to spend $22 on mf dark chocolate, just to find out that it’s not European chocolate but rather just like all other chocolate hershy syrup. Nothing against pro_vapes, pretty sure it’s great, but I didn’t grew up in America to like that kind of chocolate :frowning:

I keep it like irl, I tried chocolate sold here in US stores and didn’t like them. From time to time I import some, but mostly I cut it out.

Same for vaping after having tested some :wink: and as mentioned they work great inside of something but chocolate bar without caramel, nuts, nougat layered in? Nope not so much lol


Thanks everyone! Must see if those flavours are available here in Ireland. Thanks again. Ye are all so awesome!!!


That might means it was used @ 2 high a %

I only have 1 its all Coco like eStorms says (Double Chocolate v2 - Capella Flavors) But Ive cranked it as high as 12% and never encountered off notes, and its pretty rich and not over powdery.

One day Someone will find that off-the wall flavor that makes the coco’s turn into a milk chocolate. But I like it Dark Chocolate and Coco


Real flavors sc chocolate milkshake tastes like the old Hershey’s syrup in the can, and real flavors sc cookies and cream tastes a lot like an Oreo cookie. that’s my only experience with chocolates but neither of them have the problems I have read about that most chocolates seem to have. Good luck!


I hear ya… I’m used to Belgian chocolates, not quite like Hershy lol
MF usually sends samples with an order, maybe a good example for a sample


With a bit of travel, everything’s available. Sometimes it really pays dividends to order abroad and cough up shipping prices. Even with them, you’ll still be way cheaper than buying e-liquids.


Hershy tastes like over sweetened wax artificial flavored chocalate, if your use to eating 70-90% Cocoa.

If you like this kinda thing, you’ll be happy with the CAP I mentioned.


Funny enough because besides hershey’s having their “own high quality” cocoa beans does actually contain butyric acid.

Guess what most chocolate flavors especially cap v2’s contain? :rofl:


Really? It sure as heck fooled me. I never smelled or tasted it at all even when I first mixed it. Only thing I dont like is it’s not clear. It does smell like hershys surup but its all Dark Cocoa fo me. Edit: No coconut chems sweetness or anything else.


If you like cocoa fa (minus the coil/wick gunning) it’s very close to that. Personally at this point I am almost ready to get rid of every chocolate I own since using Dark chocolate mf. It mixes well with creams, I don’t find it waxy…it does get “dark” on flavor and if not balance in a mix may take over or be a bit burnt…but hell…stick a ton of dark cocoa in your mouth and get the same result.


@eStorm Sorry Kiddo I don’t see it small it or taste any BA


PROPYLENE GLYCOL Cass 57-55-6 60<70%
VANILLIN #234 Cass 121-33-4 10<20%
ETHYL MALTOL NOM #169 Cass 4940-11-8 1<3%
TRADE SECRET Proprietay* <0.2%
Other components below reportable level 10<20%

*Designates that a specific chemical identity and/or percentage of composition has been withheld as a trade secret


@Ria1 There’s a few great ones out there, but DEPEND on what you’re trying to do. I still use a lot of TPA Double Chocolate Clear. I have Medicine Flower Dark Chocolate and it IS the bomb. I just picked up Jungle Flavors Cocoa, and it is VERY good, AND, it’s completely clear somehow. I have not picked up Jungle Flavors Milk Chocolate however.


@anon28032772 @eStorm


@eStorm @Ria1 @anon28032772 I felt that same way for a LONG time, and resisted. I started watching how @Pro_Vapes was actually USING it, and he was going low, low, LOW, so don’t count out MF, as they may be more expensive, but if you use next to none of it in a recipe, the net result isn’t that expensive. IMO.