Best Dragonfruit Brand?

hey guys, been away for a while,sorry about that. Just wanted to get a sense of who likes which brand of Dragon Fruit the best? I am also curious about Vanilla Custard…I am honing in on a firm recipe and I am trying to start eliminating variables (brands, steep time, exact NIC amounts etc). You guys know the drill.

So far I have had WILDLY varying results seemingly from the smallest changes.

I do a search of the flavor list then sort them by # recipes. The most popular ones are the tasty flavors! I sometimes look to see if there is a diketone free version that is almost as popular and get that one.

ohh…I am diggin’ the technique. Lemme try that and see how it goes…

PS…what are diketones again? I have been out of the DIY circle for about a year

I really like CAP Vanilla Custard v1 and TPA Dragonfruit.


@UncleTopher “diketones” are a blanket term for diacetyl, acetoin, and acetyl propionyl.

I think the most widely used and preferred dragon fruit is TPA’s. Flavorah is the only one I have, I think, and I like it just fine. It’s a little earthy and pretty tart. Haven’t used it much, but I’d like to now that I will (hopefully) have a lil more time to play. :wink:


I agree completely with underanne

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I heard the level of diketones in vape is quite small compared to cigarettes.

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TPA is preferred, Inawera doesn’t get a lot of love, but it has a grassy sort of flavor, which you may or may not like in certain recipes. It’s critical to one of mine, but I am weird. +1 on JJs FLV description. But if I had to pick just one, TPA. No doubt.

thanks Weas.

just curious. Do you use any recipes with Dragonfruit and Van Custard? I (when I very first started mixing about 2 years ago and did a $$200 dollar order from wizard labs with TONS of flavors and zero sense) managed to create this completely undocumented, unregulated and unfortunately unrepeatable mixture that was OUT OF THIS WORLD. I ADV a flavor called SpaceMilk from a local store…it’s Sweet Cream, Custard and some Strawberry and several unknowns that give it this…KICK. Kind of like cooking with “Allspice”. People never know what the hell it is but BAM they know its there and either love it or freak out about it.

I said all that to ask again (too much coffee, sorry): Dragonfruit + Custard recipes…that’s where it all started for me. Got any favorites or direction?

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thanks for the diketones def too folks. Been buggin’ me not knowing what that meant.

I’m not a custard guy unfortunately. But @Ken_O_Where may have some suggestions. He’s the custard king. If I do vape a custard, it is his. In fact, I’ll do that now! @bradslinux has a great strawberries and Italian cream that I can’t recommend highly enough. I bet TPA dragonfruit and much less strawberry would be good in it.

I could see VC FLV being good with DF too.

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This is a tasty recipe:

Bomb’nana Cream
6.00% Strawberry (Ripe) (TFA)
5.00% Banana Cream DX (TFA)
4.00% Vanilla Custard v2 (CAP)
3.00% Dragonfruit (TFA)

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TFA Dragonfruit is hit n miss for a lot of people. Some think it is almost bubblegummy. Too high of a % and it can be weird in a mix. I use it as as merely an additive so i keep it low 0.25-0.5%
FLV DF is good i use 1%
Same as INW DF as was said keep it under 1% or things get odd
CAP DF weaker but good i like around 3%
FW DF weaker still but still good
One that gets no mention ever is DIY Flavor Shack expert DF. Recommened 1-3% i believe. I use it at 1.5% with pleasant results
PS 1 drop(30ml) INW Cactus can make dragonfruit shine

CAP V1 VC too many( myself included) has an almost spicy peppery taste. This wont be a popular opinion but im sure @ringling will agree.
FLV Custard. A nice plain custard use 3-5%
RF SC VC buttery and smooth use 1%-3% i like 1.5% in combination with FLV
LES Best Custard. A nice somewhat nutty custard
LES Goldilocks Custard. A nice cakey custard.
Flavormonks Divine Custard. Almost a matshmallow custard
Ooo custard. Ewww
Hope this helps :wink:

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Honestly, I went in circles trying to find a good dragon fruit and never did. I found a few that many liked, but none that really appealed to me.

It finally hit me that I probably do not like dragon fruit. I have never had the real thing and only was interested in it because it was exotic and had heard that lots of people, enjoy the taste.

Not saying you don’t/ won’t like it, just a thought.

That being said, CAP Dragon Fruit smelled AMAZING to me!!! I got a sample from BCV in an order, but never mixed it up, as it contained acetoin. Yes, I am one of those guys (for now…).


Haven’t seen FW Dragonfruit mentioned here yet. That’s the one I use, mostly because I bulk ordered one before knowing how to mix… :unamused: now I’m stuck with tons of it and I don’t really like the smell or taste of it. But I do use it a lot as an additive, then it’s ok. The other one I tried was TPA Dragonfruit, it was rather… revolting. The funny thing is, I love, love, love real dragonfruit - red ones more than white. And by the way, neither of the above taste or smell anything like dragonfruit! Not even a little. :sleepy:

About the custard. I tried TPA VC once, which led me to - falsely - believe that custard wouldn’t fit me in vaping. It was disgusting! To me, you all know how subjective it is. The other one I tried was CAP VC v2. I adore that one! It’s been my go-to custard ever since. Maybe I’ll give v1 a shot some day…

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What’s even worst the Dragonfruit FW is on the list of FW flavors containing Fructose. I used to use their Dragonfruit but stopped using it for that reason…


if your looking for something thats not to fake tasting or to sugary or weak, the TPA dragonfruit is bang on.

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Maybe Holiday Spice (TPA) or a clove/cinnamon combo?

I wasnt much of a Dragonfruit fan so it never made into any custard, wish i could be of more help.

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That’s what I get for tagging a ginger. . .

I have FLV DF, I’ll mix something with it as I haven’t yet. @Amy2 and @DarthVapor should chime in here.


( Didn’t necessarily mean to tag you @therabidweasel :wink: )

I still like TFA DF overall…but I will say I like to mix a couple together to really get it to stand out better it can get buried easily since I tend to mix DF and not use it as the top note.

I enjoy a exotic taste so these all have been good to me but they are less sweet from TFA’s. DF- INW, FLV, Cap’s are more in the way of a stronger on the exotic taste and less on the sweeter notes. Sometimes that is all ppl want to know. I really don’t know what your hopes are…do you want one that is stronger… then you are looking at DF INW or DF FLV both are potent.

for a Vanilla Custard the most popular would be Capella’s , FLV Vanilla Custard is nice it does steep into a soft vanilla cream custard minus the eggs breadiness that Capella’s offers.

Another Vanilla Custard not spoke of too often that is a clean one and taste are similar to FLV but the % usage is non comparable as this is a weaker concentrate …would be Vanilla Custard Euro Flavor it is a nice vanilla followed by a creamy custard again no egg but the %s you would use so much more around 4-7% in a mix.