Best dual battery box mod?

Hi guys I’m looking for a new box mod around the $50 mark has to be duel battery and support ss in tc mode I have the ipv 4s at the minute and feels a little bit dated without having the ss tc option I know most of you will say the rx200 but I really don’t want to go out buying an extra 6 battery’s and another charger as mine only has 2 slots thanks

Oh boy, here we go! There are so many great choices and you will get many different answers. I own several TC devices at the moment and like them all for different reasons. But if I could only take one of them to a desert island it would be the 200W Joyetech Cuboid TC for dual batts and the Evic VTC mini for single battery. You can get either one for under $35 at EfunTop or elsewhere. Joytech has really impressed me with the quality of their offerings lately. Love the Tron-S, Tron-T and Cubis tanks as well. BTW, there is nothing wrong with the IPV4s. My only complaint with mine is that it is bulky.

I second the Cuboid!

The ipv5 if your budget can stretch a little. Dose 304 ss in tc.

I’ve got a X cube ii, which is dual battery…supports all…it was 160 Watt…but with the firmware update cranked it up to 180w it has blue tooth. Abit of a gimmick… it’s a Tad heavy to what I’ve been using.
Some will slate it, but there are a few members that have one or two of them. If you have big hands then great as it’s pretty bulky, if you have tiny hands then I’d say no…not sure if the X cube ii mini is dual battery… not read the info in it…I love it, glad I brought it…

i have a cuboid, bought it a coupla months back but hadnt used it yet…i think i mighta used it once and it wouldnt go past 66 watts…tried using it last night and it would only go up to 75 watts…
anybody else ever had that happen?

I like my Cuboid, but wish they had chosen a lighter metal. :pensive: The next dual battery mod I get will weigh half as much as as the Cuboid.

Love my Cuboid, It’s a wonderful mod -a great mod - but…I find myself using the istick 100W TC mod much more often. I think because it’s lighter and fits the pocket better. I notice it does better on battery life as well.

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I got the Reaulex (spelling) 200, for $36. It uses three batteries, not included, but it’s not any heavier than my son’s IP at If you can stand the waiting, only took two days with free shipping. It does everything, TC, VV/VW, bypass charging (jic), other stuff I don’t use. After a couple charges lasts me almost two days between battery change. The base is triangular shaped so it never tips over (broke two tanks with bands on from tipping). Hope you find the perfect mod.

Update it; it’ll get you up to 200w.

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I’ve done every update that’s ever been available, still a no go. I think I’m going to try TC again and see if I can’t get one of the metals/settings to work. If I can get ANYTHING to work to my likings/standards, then I’ll just keep it that way and make it a designated whatevericanmakeitdo…
Thanks, though

What kind of builds are you running? It’s not the 25amp limit you’re running into is it?

Builds would be like usual: 22g 316l 3mm 6.5 wraps, 0.10 ohms
Samsung 25r batteries
I’d like to know more about this 25 amp limit.
This doesn’t happen on any other mod.
The other day, 75w was all it would do, now, after the newest update, it’s 68.8w

This thread sounds similar to your experience.

Wow, great find…I took the time to read it and yup, that’s I’ll see if I can find a use for it. If not, I’ll be fiding it a new home

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I’d think it would still be great for TC, just less useful in Power mode when you need to push higher wattage. That or you can just change up the builds you’re using on it and build higher resistance builds.

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Exactly what I was thinking

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I have just got the Smok R200 and with my other recent purchase of the Steam Crave Limited Edition I am in heaven.

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If you can tell us more about what things are most important to you, then I’m sure we will point you exactly to the best mod for you.
A couple of weeks ago, I posted a similar post asking for help to find a mod. I ended up getting Eleaf IStick TC 100 and I love it.
The screen is large enough. It takes one or two batteries, accept SS, Ti, or Nickle, and I love the power button that is the entire side of the mod.
One big thing for me with any mod is that ejuice won’t run down into it if my tank leaks. Zero juice has leaked inside. Also, the menu is easy to use and you don’t have to remember any commands. It just makes sense.
I have 9 different mods and 4 of them are duel battery. I’d say this one is my favorite.

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I don’t have a lot of wisdom on this one but what I do have I will share. I recently purchased the Eleaf iStick 100w VV/VW (no TC…though there is one with TC for like $15 more dollars and I’d definitely consider that as well) and I am completely stoked with this purchase. I have trouble going over 80w or so, as I do not have TC and the mouthpiece on the tank gets hot over 75-80w. I get so much cloud I have no reason to want to go higher at this point, honestly. Once I get my TFV4 by SMOK with it’s glass interior chimney (mitigates heat distribution to the drip tip) I may consider buying something higher than 100w, but we’ll see.

Another positive for this device is it is very inexpensive, coming in at $27.99 from VapeNW.

You just cannot beat that price…and this is not some no name clone or start up company. I have several Eleaf products and have loved all of them for their durability (I drop stuff) and longevity (I have had one of my Eleaf iJust2Go’s for over a year with no problems). This box also has quality feel all over it. Great heavy duty magnets on the battery door with no rattling, solid heft, not too light or heavy. nice ergonomic shape…just feels right in my hand… Feels STURDY.

The two batteries in this box are also lined up in a, I think it’s called: parallel configuration…I was told a while ago that rather then have the batteries lined up opposite eachother (one facing + to -, one facing opposite - to +) laying side by side, its better to have them facing the same way side by side (with both +'s on one end and both -'s on the other). I forget what the benefits were exactly but the guy insisted it was important. I am certain someone in here can explain this better then the butcher job I just attempted.

So…I guess I said all that to say this: I am very very happy with my Eleaf iStick 100w. I don’t have one negative thing to say about it. Looking back I would have purchased the one with Temp Control, but I am fine without it for now.