Best Flavors For Shake and Vape?

This topic ABOUT only using vg is for me allso very interesthing as I get a very dry mounth when I used 70 pg and flavors that have pg . Thank you all on this . I would like to see aswell Some recipes with 2 or 3 aroma’s with Mint and that can be shakend or just a quick steep !!and vaped .Thank you in advance :+1::+1::+1::smiley::dash:

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I got vape tongue so bad right now I might as well be vaping non flavored


94% VG 5% Distilled Water 1% Vodka, That is my VG Mix :slight_smile: You don’t need PG.


Thanks Maureenie for the advice . I orderd a bottle of 98 % vg 1 liter and Pg to make some cheap test .
I will have this in a couple of days . I’am still trying to find some simple 2 ingredients shake and vape for
my 200ml 70 vg 30 pg 3 mg base I recived . Love to have some recipes simple with mint allso . Ps
I use the quick steep’methode . My ingredients are strawberry ,strawberry ripe, pineapple , bleuberry jam ,
Forest fruit , peach , coconut, raspberry , peach ,cotton candy ,vanilla Bean ice cream . Hoping you can help
To find some shake 'n vape recipes from some mixers you know .

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This thread is kind of fun:

There are threads you can search for with 2 flavor recipes as well.

You can add 5-6% Capella Cool Mint to any fruit recipe to “mint it”. It’s a sweet light mint.

When you want to start making recipes with the stuff you have Go here:

And then hit the ratings buttons. Your Flavor will more than likely come right up to the top of the list. Click on that flavor and it will tell you what percentages most people use.

If you read the “notes” on the flavor people will go into detail about what they liked or how much they use.

If you scroll down to the bottom you will see the “recipes” that flavor is used in. Hit the ratings button there as well because then you get the best recipes.

Learning how to use this database is the best thing you can do for yourself.

You have Vanilla Bean Ice Cream, if its Capella the Avg Mixing Quantity for that is 2.7% (But people are all over the place with opinions) I would start with that 2.7% TPA Strawberry Ripe says 5.5%. So if I’m you and these are the flavors I have I make a recipe called Straw Mint Ice Cream

Capella Vanilla Bean Ice Cream 2.7%
TPA Strawberry Ripe 5.5%
Capella Cool Mint 5.5%

Learn how to use the data base and at first (the best advice) is to use the most popular recipes on the site so you have something you can vape first before you experiment and make junk you can’t vape.

To do that, go here:

and hit the ratings button. Pick 3 recipes and buy all the flavors you need to actually make those recipes.

Making great liquid is more of a marathon than a sprint, be patient with yourself. Most people on this site will help you too.


Thank you so very very much for all your information . I’am a newby with this way of
using a site and working with it . Your so wright . I allready put my flavors in my stag .
Need to practice more thanks for the hints .I’am sorry for the inconvience but just had need for some juice
to quicksteep fruit and mint to use imidiat after making as I don’t have any ready made left I mixt every
last drops in my atty to be honest it tast like …:persevere: . I’am addicted and need to vape . And love to try
and brew some lovely recipes . Thanks again . I 'am so h😀ppy .


Welcome to the hobby world of DIY!

We are all crazy here but most of us are pretty nice lol


OK not sure how old this post is BUT I have a recipe that I am working on and is a pretty good shake n vape but way better after 3 days and on… I know this is tedious but on this one i did it in drops as I was trying something out. Also by your flavors you have we look to be on almost the same flavor pallet so here we go…
I did this in a 50ml bottle with 70vg/30pg 3mg premix. and for my dropper i used a 2ml syringe with a brown needle.
150 drops Fresh Peach (Cap)
100 drops Ripe Strawberry (FA)
50 drops Pineapple (FA)
the rest was my premix base and ran with it… now you may not have the same companies of flavors but I would still give it a go… Have Fun :grinning:


Hello Ninatoad ,
Sorry for this late reply , your recipe for shaken’vape is certainly something I will try out .
How do you calculate your drops for ml ? 20 drops for 1 ml . I don’t use any more ready
made bases as I bought 1 liter of VG and 1 liter of PG from my local pharmacy . Here in
Crete (Greece ) EU everything is now extremly regalated . Thank you so much for the recipe .
Have a nice day . Greetings from Crete .

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I’m in Germany myself so I understand… I just worked up the recipe in the calculator today so I made it public… called. Summer Dream. I have it at Max VG and 1mg nic but the base side can be done to your liking. The flavors are at 8.5% hope you like it😀


Thank you very very much :+1::+1::+1:I have still so manny thing that keep me occupeed . I Will comment from THE moment I tried out your recipe :+1::dash::dash::dash::dash:. Have a Nice day Ninatoad :smiley:Greetings from Crete :sunglasses:


Sorry to bud in…I’m new to mixing…what are you talking about when you say flavorless…or unflavored liquid
I know…stupid question :frowning:


No problem :slight_smile: Yes, flavorless as just nicotine, PG and/or VG with no flavors :slight_smile: It’s pretty decent!


I use 18 mg right now. Are there any fruity recipes with percentages I can use to taste the flavors? Point me in the right direction please? I want shake and vape. I can even let it sit 5-10 minutes in hot water to make it work better. I just want some totally fruit flavors like double watermelon, strawberry. Cucumber, Honeydew melon, a wonderful Blueberry. Any thing totally fruit. Please point me in the exact location to get these? my mod runs at 200w. It gets the job done but I can’t taste anything. Help!!!


Doug Comer.


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I made some killer apricot but didn’t keep the recipe. It was my first attempt at anything lol.