Best flavors to replicate a menthol cigarette?

I’ve been DIY’ing for some time now, having quit smoking a few months ago, but my partner still smokes, and he has expressed interest in getting into vaping (yea!). I know from experience that when initially transitioning it’s helpful to go with the familiar, and he smokes Marlboro Lights Menthol, about a pack a day, and I was wondering what flavors would be the most faithful replication of that? I don’t vape any kind of tobacco flavors myself anymore, but I know when I first started vaping that I wanted it to be as similar to smoking as possible.

Also, with a 1.8 ohm BVC coil on a VV device, what PG/VG ratio and nicotine strength would you suggest to replicate the sensory experience of smoking a light menthol cigarette? (I sub-ohm myself, but he’s not interested in creating clouds at the moment, just replacing the stinkies.)

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I had a few friends that smoked menthols, I managed to turn them on to vaping, but the break-through for them was when I mixed them a batch of Mentholyptus (DV) at 8% - since then, they haven’t vaped anything else - not even tried anything else, I think. If you want a more tobacco-y quality I guess you could add some form of light tobacco. Possibly Shade (FA). But the Mentholyptus (DV) for them was enough :slight_smile:


@MarkM, Where are you located on the planet? ( i.e. where do you purchase your DIY supplies?)

Florida, United States. I do all my purchasing online, though, so I can get supplies from pretty much anywhere.

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These are analogue flavors I have in my stash and like them very much! Unfortunately finding a flavor that totally mimics a Marlboro is tough (some say SC Real Cig and HS Red USA Mix…I haven’t tried those yet)

HS Turkish
HS Desert Ship
HS Golden VI
HS Parmal

SC Turkish
SC Mild Seven
SC Parlay

ECX Mile Seven

INW Desert Ship
INW Dirty Neutral Base (very important for adding a real cig taste)

Don’t know much about the menthol, 'cause I don’t do the menthol, however, folks say good stuff about the FA Arctic Winter.


You might have to search around for the right menthol?!?

Bull City Vapor has a nice selection of many different flavor manufacturers.

Good luck! :wink:

I am currently working on a menthol cigarette flavor for a friend of mine. I am by no means an experienced tobacco mixer, but these are the flavors I decided to work with in the recipe:

• Virginia Classic (Inawera) - It’s an analogue tobacco with a mint back note (2-4%)
• Burley (Inawera) - a smooth and full bodied analogue tobacco and adds mouthfeel (2-4%)
• Eucalyptus w/ Mint (Inawera) - Because I like it better than straight up menthol. (1-1.5%)
• DNB (Inawera) - That ashy taste you get from combustion (0.5-1%)

For the setup you mentioned, I would suggest around 12mg nicotine and 50-70% pg.

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I appreciate all the suggestions!

Maybe this is my answer…

I’m having an issue though I can’t seem to locate the correct menthol flavoring to suit my tastes. I’ve know what type of flavor enhancement I’m looking for. When I first started vaping I used Blu E-cigs to start and they have a flavor called “Glacier Mint” this is extremely close to what I crave if not it totally it. All of my E-Liquids come out extraordinary tasting with the exception of the menthol. The Liquid Barn Menthol Flavoring has a peppermint taste to me I can do without the peppermint patty candy effect I want pure menthol!

I’m working on it I’m searching the forum for some much needed advice and tips. It’s still not enough to make me go back to smoking though – nope not an option LOL!

*2 Months Cancer Stick Free:blush :smile: :+1:t5:


If you have mixed a flavor that is close to what you’re looking for, then add TPA Koolada to that mix instead of any of the various “mint menthols”. Koolada gives a menthol effect without adding any flavor. Use it sparingly though, as with most of the additives, which includes Smooth, bitter wizard, sour, etc. A little goes a long way.

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