Best Fuji apple flavor concentrate?

Can anyone tell me what the best Fuji apple flavor concentrate out there is please?


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I’m going to go with @natbone on this one @Mike162.


Fuji Apple (FA) gets a big round of applause. I’m not an apple aficionado but I know it’s good and I’m about to buy some.


That’s the one I have been using but for the life of me a cant get the flavor to be as powerful as I want it to be. I am desperately trying to recreate pachamama Fuji apple Nectarine.


FA is the only ‘Fuji’ Apple concentrate I own and use but personally I don’t believe (and therefore haven’t bought) I need any others.
I’ve own a few other Apple concentrates which I like but I haven’t found any others to match FA Fuji.
Sorry, no use I know, simply my experiences.

One Apple I rate very highly is Flavorah Apple Filling but that is a completely different flavour profile and probably useless for what you’re chasing.


I only have Fuji FA and it was one of the best flavors when i started vaping. However in time my taste buds have changed a lot and i find it quite sharp/harsh nowadays. If i’d be buying Fuji again, i’d most probably go with Jungle Flavors Fuji.

You might want to check Noted where they compare red apples.

Their notes on FA/JF:

FA Fuji: Very bright, fresh, crisp, clean, authentic. Pretty sweet. Does fade a bit over time. Too sharp for some, while for others sharpness adds to brightness. Can be harsh to some at higher %s but gets smoother with steep. A little thin, not much body but juicy.

JF Fuji: Very similar to FA Fuji. JF isn’t quite as a bright, and so not as sharp or harsh. Has some peel, but doesn’t get the spiciness FA does. A little bit sweeter than FA. Also a little more full bodied and thicker. Has a bit of a syrupy body. But slightly less juicy.


For that try CAP Fuji Apple and get TFA Nectarine. Not sure what strawberry they use but pretty sure on those 2. The strawberry in Pachamama is not upfront so it might be CAP Sweet Strawberry. Another strawberry I would try is TFA Strawberry, not ripe. The TFA Strawberry has EM in it and that is something I think pachamama has, tastes like it.

The trick is to find the right balance, I would start with CAP Fuji Apple at maybe 2% to start, it can get harsh as you go higher. The Nectarine is more prominent in pachamama than the strawberry so maybe 3 to 4% and sb about the same since CAP Sweet SB is going to add more of a sweetness in this combo than actual SB. The star of the show in pachamama fuji is the fuji apple of course but it is remarkably well balanced with the nectarine, best commercial mix I have tried in a long time.

Pachamama doesn’t taste overly sweet to me so not sure if they use a sweetener or maybe cotton candy/EM.

I need to revisit this, I have a recipe that is close but I cut down on the fuji apple, more so than pachamama.


Discovering how various apples combine, you might check out some success stories in RecipeTown. Here’s a favorite of mine, combining Fuji Apple (FA) and equal parts Two Apples (Inawera). I personally substitute Stevia (0.25%) for the Sucralose but keep the EM, which is a known “Muter” …in this case any muting may play a part in this flavor profile. Try this …very strongly Appleicious.

On your goal of “more flavor intensity” ? Fuji is known for it’s causing Taster Fatique. In my experience, when I find a juice I love, sometimes I try and boost the good flavor notes in my adaptation …it has never worked out the way I imagined it in my tonguebrain© :wink:


I do love me some FA Fuji and INW Two Apples, gonna have to give that a shot