Best Gummy Bear concentrate?

Hello Vapers,

I have been searching for the best Gummy Bear concentrate.
Do you have any suggenstions?


Honestly there hasn’t been another phenomenal one since FW’s which got on the naughty list due to containing syrup sugars.

There is and it’s very nice but it misses the mark on the juiciness to me but it is a good alternative. U can always pair it w/ cactus INW or Fuji Apple FA to bring up the crisp and juicy factor !


Thanks for your answer Amy2 :+1:

Whats the problem with syrup sugar, isnt it just a sweetener?

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and would 6% Jelly Candy and 2% Fuji apple be a good start mix?

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I like this one at 3%


6% Jelly Candy Caps would be a bit too high to start off w/ consider using it around 2% and then use fuji around 1-2% depending how prominent you’d like the apple to be then build up the profile according to your taste. If you’d like it to be more sweet try a safer alternative sweetener like Stevia which should only contain stevia and be in pg no other flavor carriers one that comes to mind is Pyrue and whole foods 365 liquid stevia both are clean. Problem w/ sweeteners like fructose and sucralose is that they are based in actually sugar , sugar burns quicker and becomes carcinogenic their flash points are more than likely a lot lower than what you’re vaping if you vape by temperature mode. So if you feel you need to add a sweetener then try to use a better choice and at this time it would be a stevia.

Here is a couple different options for that.

The suggested ratio for usage on Cap’s Jelly candy


OOO carries one but I haven’t gotten that far down their selections yet.