Best Honey Concentrate?

I’m thinking about buying a honey flavoring but have no idea who makes the beast one any suggestions would be appreciated I saw in a comment for Capella’s Honey that it was “Disgusting”


There is always going to be someone that finds something disgusting no matter how many others like it. I personally havent tried CAPs but i have tried:

Honey Bee (FLV): A lot of people do not like the florals in this, it is more of a raw wild honey. I use it at very low %s and have been considering using a dilution. I like both the flavor and florals in this. .05%-.15%

Honey (FA): This is what most people who buy honey at the store are used to and im pretty fond if it too. I use this between .15 and .25%.

Honey (SC) (Real Flavors): This is another store bought honey type flavoring, i havent played with it much so i cant give more details than that. It is quite sweet. Ive used this @ .2-.4%, .4% was beginning to over power the mix i used it in.

Honey (TPA): This one gets a very bad rap but again i think people are using it at way to high %. Sadly even at low %s the cat piss smell is still noticeable which is sad as it is a nice honey flavor.

Thats about all ive got, sorry i couldnt be more helpful.


Wow Ken excellent input, I really appreciate it you have been a great help!!
Based on your info/ descriptions I think FA is the one I will buy
Thank you very much


@Steve-o_54-rino mix up a 30ml of this to know honey


And I’m instantly sold on the FLV honey bee - florals are the bestest flavors, what’s wrong with the rest of the world? XD


I will Thanks Bo

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I looked it up and found this in the notes about this flavor…

“It’s very strong and very sweet! Even 0.25% FA Honey can overwhelm other flavors in a recipe. I suggest making a small bottle of 10% FA Honey (90% PG/VG) and using that as your flavoring bottle. Using 1% from that bottle gives you 0.1% flavoring - which is a ‘spoonful’ of honey flavor in a recipe” .Naseschwarz


I like both FA & INW Honey.


I have tried almost all of them and the only one I personally think is true to form, is LA’s Honey Clover. I’ve used it from 1-2% with excellent results


Any “cat piss” in that…? :eyes:
I’ve tried a handful of honey flavors and the only one that I don’t get that taste from is fw honey. It’s a delicious flavor but I’m not quite getting a true honey from it.

Every mix I have made with it, has turned out exactly as I envisioned. If there was any cat piss or off flavor, I wouldn’t be using it. I suppose, like most flavors, if you went too high it could taste off but I used it to accent my mix.
I bought it from WL and it is labeled as “Honey Clover LA” but LA doesn’t have a honey labeled clover. I have over 4oz of it, so I never searched for it anywhere else. I know @Amy2 has it as well


I have to be honest … the first Honey flavor I attempted to use in a recipe was TPA Honey. I only used 2 drops in a 30 ml and it was too much (for my taste). That somewhat turned me against trying to implement a Honey flavor in any recipe going forward until I got a hold of Flavorah’s Milk and Honey which I love. However, it is not a straight Honey flavor but certainly does add Honey notes in a mix that is not nearly as overwhelming in my opinion.

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Back to my recipe posted above from @NotCharlesManson (Honeybee)… if you mixed it up and tried to deconstruct (clone) it may be near impossible because the supporting flavors totally meld to produce what tastes like simply Honey. I’m pretty sure most would agree that few flavorings produce the flavor on the label without adequate pairings. Look at the list of supporting flavors in Honeybee. Maybe adapt these supporting players and sub your in-stock Honey (non-FA?) Whenever I make a Honey recipe it always has these flavs then my adds. I’m vaping some Honey Bourbon Oaked Custard right now :kissing: :wind_face: :wind_face:

Honeybee :

1% Caramel (FA)
1% Cookie (Biscotto) (FA)
2% Cream Fresh (FA)
0.5% Honey (FA)
2% Marshmallow (FA)

And from what I got from the WL rep was WL buys it from LA and is able to tweak it ingredients wise and then sell it as Honey Clover by LA but exclusively sold at WL confusing but whatever right it’s delish