Best Kiwi out there

Can anyone tell me how Real Flavors Kiwi is compared to FW, TFA and so on. I am about to place an order on flavors and i saw that the company have Real Flavors so i thought that it might be a good one to use for Addy’s Yogurt among other things.

You have to be a bit careful with RF in mixes.

VG based so take ages to steep for the flavour to come through…and when they do they have a tendency to push any other flavours to the background… almost muting them.

Using all RF seems fine though.

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Ok cool, thanks.

The FW Kiwi really is kind of important in that recipe. Not saying it can’t be subbed but I’ve made Addy’s Yogurt with TPA, FA, and FW Kiwis. The FW has a bit sweeter taste to me and fit in the mix better.

I have done it with FW and TPA but figured it could be cool to try Real Flavors if that Kiwi would be a good one.
Thanks for the reply.

I would highly recommend using the extract for faster steep times :stuck_out_tongue:


hehehe… wondered if that would make you pop up @Walt_RealFlavors :grinning:

Flavours are awesome…just struggling to get them to play with others.

How fast for steep time for the extracts?..How long are most of you mixers who are using these extracts steeping them?