Best (longest lasting) carrier for Nude Nicotine

I’ve searched, and found some information, and much conflicting on what carrier to get your nicotine in. I being a newer mixer made the uber mistake of getting my first NIC in 100% VG, figuring I’d split the big bottle up into smaller bottles to avoid exposing all my NIC to oxygen every time it was opened. Saddly (duh) the VG NIC is a bear to work with even using a larger needle tip. I’ve searched other sites, some seem to say VG’s shelf life is longer, is thicker so it’s better as it freezes thicker retarding oxidation. I could have sworn I read on the Nude Nic blog that PG is better as it is far thinner, and doesn’t hold air bubbles very much if all. I’m sure this is a hot topic, but trying to get it sorted before my next order, because if VG doesn’t last longer frozen, then there’s no point suffering through using it. Thanks.

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50/50, problem solved, right?? But seriously I have no idea, just being a smartass. :wink:


This is the route I went because of the conflicting info. I did get 120ml x 4 bottles of RTS in straight VG as my first order but I don’t think it will be too bad to work with if I dump it straight into a 120ml squeeze bottle with a yorker top for using it. Everything else I bought for my stash is 50/50. Syringe for straight VG would not be fun.


It depends on your preferences and mixing style. Using a syringe is tough with VG, shaking the hell out of your bottle can be rough if you’re arthritic. On the other hand, accidental overages are more likely with PG which can be troublesome if you have a higher concentration. I’m not sure which base lasts longer but I’ve heard that higher concentrations can go bad faster.

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ive tried both 100 pg and Vg base the problem with pg is that if your trying for max vg to be 85 its hard to get there unless your flav percentage is super low and the vg base is a bitch to work with so i went to 50 / 50 and i only buy 250 ml bottles in the long run it costs a little more but i dont have to separate into multiple bottles i actually use a 30ml gorilla bottle from NR 30 ml of nic is like 32 30ml bottles at 3mg nic so it last awhile and with that little tip o. the end i think i get less air

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Thanks guys. Fidalgo, I get what you’re saying about the max vg. Maybe I’ll order a 100% PG to try, and maybe one mix.