Best looking and the sexiest Mod award goes to?

Hi all,

Since all the ‘best looking mods of 2016’ on the internet are all…lets put it this way - shit picks. Lets have a real thread where we can post our great looking mods - for this year, till now or whatever is coming next.

Honestly I buy mods based on their looks more, and I think a lot of people would agree to this too :smiley:

So lets see your mods, or any mod that you all like in particular etc etc.

Maybe I will get biased to buy a new one again preety soon :slight_smile:

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this has been my go to mod, I love big chunks of stainless steel to show off :smiley:


Just goes to show the differences in taste among vapers, i think thast thing is fugly :smiley: reminds me of a cheese grater.

I go for ergonomics, value for moolah and then looks, I guess. For me, one of the better looking new mods would be the Smok Alien, it might well be my next purchase.


I have always liked the big fat mods, but this year a couple of devices have impressed me, first of the Innokin Coolfire Tc100 first mod I have owned with a built in battery and I must say the battery life is excellent on it and it has been very reliable.

But since getting my Hcigar VT75 Nano and Ijoy Tornado Nano tank it is truly the first setup I have been completely happy with in nearly 5 years of vaping and it is so light and ergonomic I can’t believe what I saw in my previous mods :slight_smile:


Pretty sexy! Shout out to @Heaven_Gifts . Ty!


now tjats a nice clean looking mod , and i totally agree with you looks for me doeant come into play very much for me either

This is what I am expecting in the mail today!!! It looks a little blue in this pic, but I have the purple one coming! Not the sexiest mod, but not bad either!



couldnt find the exact custom painted mod I was looking at (cause was looking for it so murphies law kicked in) but this work is by the same shop I was looking at a rx200

these are going for 39.99 and are done wil automotive paint and clear coat I think they look really cool


ProVape Squonker?


All I can say is


Hellz to the yeah, those are sexy! :heart_eyes:


Sun Box
Top one is the SkyNet model
They are powered by the Provari


ooft…me likey me likey…they look pretty sick, how gutted would you be though if you dropped it outside, i’d be stood there open mouthed staring at it for a good hour before the tears kicked in…


so do you give these guys your mod and they paint it up for you??

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REALLY like that first one Ozo, looks solid, and plus…you know…shiney :grin:

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My work mate had a tornado delivered at work today, he asked me to set up his RBA for him, gotta say it’s a really nice tank I was impressed :+1:…quite tempted.

nope they sell the mods already painted. You might be able to have the customize your own I dont know


Ya, I saw their RX200 line on ebay…awesome.
The Indian Chief is really cool. but I really like the one with the “xxx’s”, and why wouldn’t I…
a straight male…and those “xxxx” are the first thing put in my mouth after I was born.


reeeally tempted by one of these, not much left in the way of RDA’s tho, tsunami or nothing…and I have one lol