Best mech mod clone?

Forget the clone…get it real…now get it cheap.

• T6 Aircraft grade Aluminum Tubes for maximum conductivity
• 303 Stainless Steel 510 cap and bottom fire assembly
• Polished Brass Fire Button
• Silver Plated Aluminum (top and bottom) for maximum conductivity
• Versatile telescopic style which can accommodate all 18XXX series batteries(18350, 18490/500, 18650)


Desperately hunting a LunaSea clone.

I picked up 4 of the red Beacons, a few months ago. I wanted them for the vapocalypse stash. I paid $10 each for them, in the blemished section. The blemishes were so tiny, I needed to use my magnified desk lamp to find them.

I just took a look, and they still have some in the ‘Sale’ section, under blemished. $10

Excellent quality.

The black or grey are $15

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