Best mech mod clone?

So I think im ready to move up in the vaping experience to the mech mod. Been looking at the stingray x clone. Just off some of the reviews I read its seems to be one of the best clones. So whats the best mech mod in your opinion you have bought?

Well I have had my nemesis clone from quite sometime from fasttech and I haven’t really had many issues with it but I would go ahead and tell you to NOT buy one. Out of 6 of my friends, I am the only one that hasn’t trashed it by now. Not sure what the best is but it sure as heck isn’t the Nemesis HAHA

LOL yea thats the thing with clones i guess you just never know. But been looking on fasttech just have to remember to stay away from the Nemesis. Thanks for the advice though. I had wondered about it mainly cause its the first one you see on the page.

If you look on I think, he has the best deals or just about everything. he doesn’t actually sell stuff, he just posts where “whatever it is” is the cheapest.

I’m going to go check that out right now. Haven’t heard about that site yet so thanks again. It never hurts to save money lol.

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I tried a few mods. I started with an 18650 Nemesis clone, and that worked fine for a while - problem was having to keep extra batteries on charge. I saw someone in my local vape shop with a 26650 mod, and it appealed. Got a Hades clone, but noticed that some battery brands tend to be shorter than others, by about a nickel thickness. Then I heard about the Cronus, and I love it. The telescoping tube allows fitting for any battery and the locking ring is very easy to use. This mod comes out from EH Pro, is well made, solid and within most people’s budgets. You don’t have to spend $200 or more for a good mod. I use either a Doge (okay but a little airy) or a Plume Veil (more vapor and plenty of flavor, best of both worlds, in my opinion). The 26650 batteries seem to last a little longer, too (again, just my opinion).

Hope this helps.

Fasttech? More like Slowtech. When I ordered my Hades it took nearly two months to receive it. And don’t get a Tobh clone off them, either. The positive post tends to loosen over time. I’d look at Mad Vapes or some place in the US - turnaround is a matter of days, not weeks or months.

ya, I tend to stay away from fasttech these days because you certainly get what you pay for. $10 nemesis clone doesn’t sound bad but they are also being mass produced at a rate that they don’t care if it actually functions correctly. I’m not saying everything from Fasttech is bad but I haven’t had good experience so far. And your right, I got my order in about 2 months from China, I got another order in 4 days from Hawaii.

I just looked at the EHPro Cronus its a next looking mod and all the reviews are good on it too. I might have to try it out especially since it didnt think of shipping times from Fasttech. Have you ever tried a kick variable wattage module or is it best just staying all mechanical.

Never tried a kick. But I’ve never had a problem with the Cronus, works well with the Plume. The Doge is okay, but flavor comes out more with the Plume and vapor production is fine. Thinking of adding a Cuff Enuff cap to my collection. Thoughts, anyone? Would that be like using a Doge?

@Oliver56 there are some very good sites right here in the states… Check out kanvapes and 101vape too…

OK i will look at them now. Be better anyways to keep business here in the states then purchasing overseas. Although most of if probably comes from over there. It would still be better.

You may have a look at the Wotofo A-Mod SMPL Mod clone… best hybrid mech clone you can get imo!

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Hey @iliketohideincloset :smiley: How’s everything in ecr_eu? :slightly_smiling:

Hej @daath ! Well everything as usual I guess. Not much online at the moment… how are you mate?

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Hi i have the stingray clone its the rainbow version
Its pretty good tbh it was my first mech mod and it did me well.
It comes with 3 tube sizes

Are you in the UK ?

I have 2 hcigar nemesis clones and have had NO issues with them. I still use it from time to time when I don’t want to use temp control. Also it is nice to go back to the mech mod for good memories lol

Any updated recommendations here? Looking for something I don’t worry about scratching up, etc. I want a lockable button and telescoping would be ideal.