Best menthol flavor to your opinion

Hello community :smiley:

Looking for a good menthol flavor. Tried capellas peppermint, tpa’s peppermint, sugarcane and some others and didn’t like any of those… Please share your feedback so about menthols!


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I use a variety. Koolada (tpa), menthol (tpa), peppermint (cap), Wintergreen (tpa), cool creme De menthe (chocolate mint) (LA), menthol eucalyptus (LA) be prepared to choke the first few times, Spearmint (cap).
I have a recipe (somewhere in the “lab”) that I’ll share as soon as I find it. It’s a blend of a few that makes an outstanding menthol.
I mix it as a stone and use it for my recipes that call for menthol.

I would love to see that, not a menthol lover myself but I mix for my nephew and he loves a menthol vape. It’s very hard for me to come up with a decent menthol recipe cause to me they all taste the same :sweat_smile:

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Just got home. I’ll post it as soon as I find it. It might be a few minutes. I did a lot of reviewing and note taking over the past 2 days (testing focus group get together, Looks like a vape competition blew up in there) but I was lazy about organising the notes (avid legal pad user).
Let me dig down and find my recipe binder, I was entering recipes as they passed stage 2 of testing.

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For some reason the “create recipe” save option isn’t working, so here it is in plain text. I’ll enter it as a recipe with a link once it’s working again.
At least I got my notes organized! Sadly, my recipe binder wasn’t even on the desk, it was in my steeping closet. :biohazard:

Secret Sauce (menthol)
2% peppermint (cap)
2% Wintergreen (tpa)
1.5% Spearmint (cap)
1% koolada (10%)(tpa)
It’s a cool, full flavor menthol.
Let sit for a minimum of 8 hours before using.
Can be SnV, but it will be very strong.

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My vote is for Ina Mix Mint. To me it’s the perfect blend of mint and menthol. Use it sparingly (ultra potent)

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thamks for the answers!!!

any other opinions?

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